5 Windows 10 Privacy Concerns

How to tweak or disable these 5 Windows 10 privacy settings.–PC Pitstop

5 Windows 10 Privacy Concerns

by Bob Rankin

Got Windows 10? Do These 5 Things NOW…

Microsoft’s new operating system brings back old Windows 7 favorites like the Start menu, and dispenses with most of the things people hated about Windows 8/8.1. Even better, Win 10 runs faster than previous versions, enough to make a five year-old PC perform better than it did when new. But there are some privacy concerns. Read on to learn how to tweak your settings to maximize privacy…

Five Windows 10 Privacy Issues

I’m glad I upgraded my old laptop to Windows 10. (For details, see How to Get Windows 10 Right Now.) But privacy is a big concern with Windows 10. If you allow Windows 10 to upgrade your existing system automatically – as many people will – it will enable many default settings that you may not want enabled.

After running Win 10 for a few days, I’ve discovered five privacy-related features you may want to tweak or disable. Here they are…

Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO) is a peer-to-peer file distribution server, like a Bittorrent client, built right into Win 10. WUDO doesn’t just speed up delivery of Windows updates to you. Instead, pieces of the Win 10 installation and update files on your machine and/or local network may be distributed to other Win 10 users who need them.

Instead of investing in a global content-delivery system, Microsoft is using YOUR upload bandwidth to distribute its product! There’s no evidence that WUDO is a threat to your privacy or security, it’s just a bit icky. And who knows if it might not be subverted by Evil Hackers tomorrow?

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