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AV-TEST 2021 Award Best Performance – PC Matic Home Computer Protection

PC Matic Home computer protection best performance award by AV-Test. “In comparing the best protection products for consumer users under Windows, PC Matic Home successfully proved in ongoing laboratory tests that it protects users effectively against attacks from the cyberspace. In doing so, compared to the industry average, the product demonstrated during the entire year of 2021 that it only requires very few system resources for its solid protection. For this outstanding performance, the AV-TEST experts recognized the consumer protection package for Windows 10, PC Matic Home. Awarding PC Matic with the AV-TEST Best Performance 2021 Award for Consumer Users.” – AV-TEST

For years, PC Matic has been telling customers and potential customers that we’ll give them the highest protection. Most importantly, we do this without sucking up their system resources. We continue to prove our commitment to that time and again. Again, in 2021 PC Matic has won an AV-TEST award for providing computer protection with the best performance.

Home Computer Protection Best Performance and Protection

“Good protection software must always be very careful in handling system resources of a user PC. PC Matic Home impressively showed throughout the entire test year of 2021 that in this category, it deserved not only special praise but also an award. That is why we at AV-TEST are pleased to present to PC Matic the Best Performance Award for Consumer Users under Windows”, says Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST.

To read the full release, click here. Learn more information about computer security. Furthermore, our home security software is ideal for home office as well and includes our patented whitelisting technology. Application Whitelisting is a superior technology to block malware and ransomware vs Blacklist Antivirus products. Explore PC Matic’s Super Shield Whitelisting computer protection software for the ultimate in home computer security. Visit PC Matic Home Security and discover why AV-TEST Award considers us one of the best IT security products.

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  1. I’m having problems logging in on my MacBook Pro it’s very slow. Sometimes I am not able to sign in or read my emails or get on any other sights. I have PC Matic computer protection. If you have any advice that I can do please let me know.
    Thank you Ray Jackson
    72 Four Seasons Court
    Jasper, Georgia 30143
    [email protected]

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