Washington State Introduces Cybersecurity Legislation

After a data breach that affected more than 1 million people in Washington State, legislators introduced two bills. One aims to strengthen cybersecurity infrastructure while the other wants to change data collection.

As reported by Governing.com, “If passed, the two bills heard in committee Tuesday would boost cybersecurity at state government agencies. A bill requested by Gov. Jay Inslee would create an Office of Cybersecurity to work with state agencies to create security standards and respond to major cybersecurity incidents at state agencies. A second, Republican-sponsored bill would require the Employment Security Department and the Department of Labor and Industries to examine and potentially replace their use of full social security numbers.”

Creating agencies to handle cybercrime is necessary infrastructure in a ransomware rampant world. Additionally, the restriction of data collection could be an effective step in identity theft prevention. Local government, schools, hospitals, and other places that hold sensitive personal data are always a hot target for cybercriminals.

If passed, this could help set a precedent for the rest of the country on data collection and cybersecurity response.

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3 thoughts on “Washington State Introduces Cybersecurity Legislation”

  1. No law is going to stop hacking. There are laws on the books against it but no one enforces it. In fact, my identity was stolen from the internet and even though I sued the hacker, (I know him) and won in court, nothing was done to the hacker. He is now hacking more than ever in spite of PC Matic.

  2. Just another rabbit hole to pour money down into with our hard earned tax dollars.
    Please, no new government entities to be misused and utilized to spy on Americans.
    We have an agency already created to monitor and detect cyber-security.
    It is called Department Home Land Security.

    If your company supports these kind of bills, then, leave me out!
    You are for Big Government over-reach and you are no a friend of the average tax payer.
    You are not a freedom fighter. You are just a “Big Government” money grabber.
    Very disappointed that your company is investing energy in an idea that further reduces our freedoms/privacy.

  3. Did I misunderstand? I thought President Trump had initiated a cybersecurity program/department…
    The information given about the unemployment claimant information that was hacked in WA state while being transferred through a third party is very concerning on many levels. It not only affects the claimant but their immediate family as well.
    On top of that, because ESD and other agencies are state entities they are requested to provide employee information from various groups every few years if not annually. Each time they ask for more and more information like personal phone numbers, date of birth. This information gets posted on the internet. I hope these bills are aimed at protecting their customers and not just their own interests and agenda.

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