Term To Know: Patch Management

Don’t Skip The Features

Have you ever read over the list of things your antivirus does and come across the words “patch management?” Maybe you know what it means, or maybe you glossed over it. I used to do that. Glossing over terms I didn’t understand that were included in products I purchased was pretty normal.

But this is a pretty handy little feature. Essentially, the product installed with patch management updates commonly used software. This means you’re getting the most up-to-date and secure versions of programs you’re running without having to manually update them each time.

Cool, right?

Why Do I Want It?

Not only does keeping your software up-to-date afford you the latest security features, it also makes sure you’re running the latest version. Version upgrades include improvements, new features, and yes, security updates. So having a feature that does this automatically saves you time and potential frustration.

Plus, who doesn’t love when something cumbersome is automated? Instead of being prompted to update when you open a piece of software, it’s just done. Easy peasy. It’s nice that there won’t be a prompt stopping you when you’re in the middle of doing something else.

Feature Fun

Added features like patch management make your antivirus tools work better for you. Are there any features you’d like to see in your current product? Let us know on our socials what’s on your feature wishlist.

As always, stay safe out there.

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12 thoughts on “Term To Know: Patch Management”

  1. IMO any computer user should stay away from automatic updates. Unless the patch management facility has a review before update option I would consider it a dangerous facility.
    When your computer is updated you want to know about it. Updates are always risky and if something doesn’t work after an update you want to be able to revert to what you had before.

  2. I still have trouble with all the terms , can’t turn on supershield. Can’t get to all the benefits.i guess I am on, but lost. Old age is my problem. As the day, don’t get old.

  3. What about hijacked updates like the Solar Winds patch? Will my PC Matic scan third party patches for malware? Will whitelisting work in this case?

  4. Howdy,
    As I am what you would call a “Computer Goof,” what are all the steps I need to do to get this feature going? And yes, I will need pictures

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