A New Round of Email Threats

A New Email Scam Hits Consumers

If you’ve ever watched the popular Netflix show Black Mirror this may sound familiar. Yesterday, PC Matic support received an influx of tickets from customers saying they’d been hacked. They received an email claiming the hacker had taken screenshots of them on their computer. The email goes on to explain that the user will have to send over $1000 in Bitcoin or the hacker will release the footage to friends and family.

One of our employees also received the email. The text is below:

Í have very bad news for yoú.
03/01/2020 - on thís day í hacked yoúr OS and got fúll access to yoúr accoúnt (EMAIL REDACTED)
Íf yoú do not belíeve ít, yoú can check ít yoúrself.
Í created thís letter ín yoúr accoúnt (the sender address matches the recípíent address).
So, yoú can change the password, yes... Bút my malware íntercepts ít every tíme.
How í made ít:
Ín the software of the roúter, throúgh whích yoú went onlíne, was a vúlnerabílíty.
Í júst hacked thís roúter and placed my malícíoús code on ít.
When yoú went onlíne, my trojan was ínstalled on the OS of yoúr devíce.
After that, í made a fúll copy of yoúr dísk (í have all yoúr address book, hístory of víewíng sítes, all fíles, phone númbers and addresses of all yoúr contacts).
A month ago, í wanted to lock yoúr devíce and ask for a not bíg amoúnt of btc to únlock.
Bút í looked on the sítes that yoú regúlarly vísít, and í was shocked by what í saw!!!
Í'm talk yoú aboút sítes for adúlts.
Í want to say - yoú are a BíG pervert. Yoúr fantasy ís shífted far away from the normal coúrse!
And í got an ídea...
Í took a screenshot of an adúlt sítes where yoú had fún (yoú únderstand what í mean, ríght?).
After that, í took a screenshot of yoúr mastúrbatíon (úsíng the camera of yoúr devíce) and glúed them together.
Túrned oút amazíng! Yoú are so spectacúlar!
Í'm know that yoú woúld not líke to show these screenshots to yoúr fríends, relatíves or colleagúes.
Ít wíll be a húge shame for yoú!
Í thínk $1450(USD) ís a very, very small amoúnt for my sílence.
Besídes, í have been spyíng on yoú for so long, havíng spent a lot of tíme!
Pay ONLY ín Bítcoíns!
My BTC wallet: 1CwTNBNekpV7kDQ7pjF1ghsgqb1CaMq34k 
Yoú do not know how to úse bítcoíns?
Enter a qúery ín any search engíne: "how to replenísh btc wallet".
Ít's extremely easy!
Í wíll gíve yoú exactly two days (48 hoúrs) to make thís payment.
As soon as yoú open thís letter, the tímer wíll work and tíme wíll pass.
After payment, my vírús and dírty screenshots wíth yoúr mastúrbatíon wíll be self-destrúct aútomatícally.
Íf í do not receíve from yoú the specífíed amoúnt, then yoúr devíce wíll be locked, and all yoúr contacts wíll receíve a screenshots wíth yoúr "enjoy".
Í hope yoú únderstand yoúr sítúatíon.
- Do not try to fínd and destroy my vírús! (All yoúr data, fíles and screenshots ís already úploaded to a remote server);
- Do not try to contact me (the sender address matches yoúr address, as I wrote above);
- Varíoús secúríty servíces wíll not help yoú; formattíng a dísk or destroyíng a devíce wíll not help, sínce yoúr data ís already on a remote server.
P.S. Yoú are not my síngle víctím. so, í gúarantee yoú that í wíll not dístúrb yoú agaín after payment!
Í also ask yoú to regúlarly úpdate yoúr antívírúses ín the fútúre. Thís way yoú wíll no longer fall ínto a símílar sítúatíon.
Do not hold evíl! í júst do my job.
Have a níce day!


This is one form of the email. There are variations that include a heftier silencing fee, different threats (hitman contracts, CIA investigations, even threats to infect your family with coronavirus), and other varied details. What you should remember, however, is that there’s nothing to be concerned about.

The Details Look Deceiving

The details in these emails look deceiving. They may list a password you’ve used before. Don’t worry, that was a password that was collected from a data breach. And if that still worries you, many of these hackers have a password and an email. They don’t know if that password belongs to that email (this is why you should frequently change your passwords) or if it belongs to another account. They’re taking a shot in the dark and hoping you respond.

No matter how specific or convincing the details are, you should definitely ignore the emails. If you do open it, make sure to delete it and the forget about it. If you are genuinely concerned, feel free to reach out to our support via our support page. They’re always happy to help.

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7 thoughts on “A New Round of Email Threats”

  1. My rely to the would be blackmailer: “Go ahead and spread it around. I’ll send you some more photos and money shots if you give me your private email address.I’ll even come to your house for a live session. I know your home address, BTW. Damn do you have an ugly ho for a wife.”

  2. Bitcoin? Blah! How boring. The email should demand something interesting at least. Like in the Black Mirror show. Rob a bank or kill each other in the woods. I wouldn’t respond just because the ransom demand was so lame.

  3. I can’t believe you of all people think this is new! It must have been going around in great numbers for at least 2 years if not more.

  4. I got a variation of the email. Biggest difference was they are demanding $1900.00 and only gave me 24 hours to comply, which passed three or four days ago with no consequences to me happening. I knew the password they used was an old one for the email account they used. I change my email PWs fairly regularly, mostly because I forget them and end up having to reset them. Forgetfulness has its benefits. HA! Anyway, I did exactly as you recommend above, completely ignored the email. Only mistake I may have made is I did Archive it (in a gmail account) and haven’t figured out yet where to find it now.

    Anyone who gets this email should be able to logically figure out that it’s a fake, even if you do visit porn sites. I have only one computer (out of three) that has a camera built-into it, and it’s by far the least-used machine in the house. Besides that, the internal speakers suck, so I have a clip-on USB speaker set on which the front side of the clip covers the camera and I use it every single time I turn the laptop on. I suppose my camera could be hijacked, but the hacker can’t make it see through black plastic or cause the speaker-set to physically move away from covering the camera. Then there was the old password. Other clues too. Just read it carefully and you will notice something (besides the broken English) that just doesn’t make sense.

    Sorry for the length. Trying to help and give encouragement to recipients of this intrusive email. With everything going on in the world right now, the last thing anyone needs is extra stress from an amateur internet pirate. Would love to know how to expose these kinds of scum, but I’ll be fine just forgetting about the failed attempt to scam me too. Be careful everyone, it’s a jungle out there!

  5. I got this same exact message today but it was sent from my own email address which was concerning. How did they have access to my email account to send an email from myself to myself?

  6. My computer is slow and the cursor is jumping.
    Can your software fix my problem? I don’t know how long it’s been since I subscribed but I need to find out, how can I find out?

  7. my phone number and my email addrese is hack right now l can,t use my phone and and stiil paid a every mouth and my email account hack

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