PC Matic Vice President of Cyber Security Featured in SpiceWorks Expert Roundtable

Vice President of Cyber Security for PC Matic, Dodi Glenn, took part in an expert roundtable focusing on antivirus protection.  The roundtable was sponsored by SpiceWorks, one of the largest information technology platforms used by IT professionals.  The other participants included representatives from Kaspersky, SOPHOS and iBoss.

The experts weighed in on modern cyber security threats, including the ransomware epidemic that is taking the world by storm. They also discussed various security solutions offered in today’s marketplace including CrytoLocker protection, the traditional blacklist approach and application whitelisting technology.

Dodi discussed application whitelisting as a security solution which proactively protects the end-user’s data.  Other security experts agreed, whitelisting is a valid solution that addresses current malware threats, including ransomware.

The full roundtable discussion is available on Tech Talk.  You can access the full article and video here.

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