The Hidden Risks Within The Internet of Things

Our level of connectedness has never been higher.  Whether it is our smart TVs, WiFi enabled cars, or smart appliances, we are constantly connected.  But is it safe???

I recently wrote a Tech Talk post about the risks our Internet of Things (IoT) pose to us, in regards to being attacked by malicious hackers.  That post was focused more on the consumer perspective.  Recently our cyber security expert, Dodi Glenn, had a roundtable discussion with several other IT professionals regarding the risks of IoT devices within the business sector.

Tech Republic asked if the cyber threats were increasing for IoT devices.  The responses were overwhelming.  Everyone on the panel agreed that cyber security threats were very much a concern for the IoT devices.  Here is what our expert, Dodi Glenn said:

“As more of these devices are deployed, miscreants are taking advantage of unpatched/vulnerable devices. In fact, just today a report was posted about a security issue with a wireless keyboard, which allows someone to sniff the keys being typed. This can include usernames and passwords, or other sensitive pieces of information.”

To read the full roundtable discussion regarding the risks IoT devices pose, click here.

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