Could 2017 Be The Year of Jackware?

This year can be deemed the year of ransomware, but what does next year have in store?

We Live Security defines jackware as a malicious software that has intentions to take control over a device.  Think of everything that you own that has an internet connection.  Your smart TV, phone, refrigerator, or car.  Those are all examples of what jackware could infect.  Now think of a hacker having sole control of any of these devices.  For instance, the temperature control of your refrigerator, or power to your TV, phone or car!

We Live Security provided an example of a self-driving car.  In which, you simply swipe your card, provide your destination and you’re on your way.  Or so you think.  You look up and realize you’re traveling nowhere near your destination, and your demanded to make a payment to be rerouted.  Scary, right?

Any of these things could happen.  Luckily, jackware is not live.  There are no known reports of these instances occurring, but that isn’t to say it couldn’t in the future.  One thing that needs to happen to prevent these catastrophes would be proper security software for the internet of things (IoT) devices.  Unfortunately, many of these products are manufactured with cost efficiency in mind.  Security software on a refrigerator or car is probably not on their radar.  But it should be.

As technology continues to advance, it is imperative that the IoT manufacturers understand the importance of proper user security protection.

What are your thoughts on jackware?

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