Using Compressed Folders in Windows 8

How to create and use compressed (ZIP) folders with Windows 8.–PC Pitstop

Using Compressed Folders in Windows 8

By Dave Taylor

The Question: The printing company we work with has requested that we send files to them as compressed (ZIP?) folders. How do I create a compressed folder in Win8?

Dave’s Answer:

Either you’re working with really, really big files or the printing company is pushing work on you that’s not necessary. Honestly, disk space and even connectivity has meant that file size is less critical than it’s ever been, and the trends are just going to keep moving forward. If they’re really huge, you might even think about a 32GB USB flash drive that you fill up and mail to them, too, but regardless, compressed files are useful but perhaps less than you — and they? — are expecting.

In fact, pay close attention to the demo herein, and you’ll see that the various files I use for the demonstration end up compressed only the tiniest bit using the ZIP encoding. But if that’s what they ask for, well, maybe it’s easiest just to go with it. So let’s proceed.

To start, it’s easy. – Article Continued Here

This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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