Comprehensive PC Matic Impresses

Comprehensive PC Matic Impresses

Long time tech columnist Fred Langa recently completed a comparison of several popular Windows maintenance utilities.

Langa cites PC Matic comprehensive scanning and reporting as superior to Reimage and System Mechanic.

PC Pitstop’s comprehensive PC Matic PC Matic is also a two-part system, with a free diagnostic component and a paid-for ($50 per year) repair component. Unusually comprehensive, the program even includes full-time antivirus protection. See PC Pitstop’s site for more info, a full features list, and download links.

Once again, I created a fresh copy of the baseline setup and immediately ran PC Matic’s free diagnostics. It completed the process quickly — just a few minutes — and produced a list of 25 items it said needed repair or improvement. It also listed one suggested “security adjustment.”

To its credit, PC Matic provides real information on its findings; it also tells you in advance what steps it will to take if you buy the full version. This is a refreshing change from the “black box” tools that reveal almost nothing about what they’re doing.
–Fred Langa Windows Secrets 8/28/14

By doing your own tests, you’ll know whether any of the paid products significantly improves your system’s performance, security, and stability. It might be tempting to use a commercial product to scan your system for free and then use Windows’ built-in tools to fix any found problems. That might work with an informative product such as PC Matic, but it’s not feasible with tools such as Reimage and System Mechanic.
–Fred Langa Windows Secrets 8/28/14

Mr Langa elected to forgo the purchase of PC Matic to complete his testing – citing concerns about updating drivers that PC Matic had flagged as out of date.

Important to note: Mr Langa missed the fact that – upon purchasing PC Matic – and prior to Fixing & Cleaning – PC Matic users are provided the opportunity to opt out of any changes – including Driver Updates.


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7 thoughts on “Comprehensive PC Matic Impresses”

  1. Eloise Smith Taylor

    We have had PC Matic on all our computers for the past five years. It worked magic on an old computer we thought was at the end of its useful life. It went from bogged down, to new life, overnight. It lived through the end of its XP and is still going. We like it so much, we finally bought opted for the lifetime subscription.

  2. Mr Phagan: It appears our support team last exchanged emails with you in July – looking for additional information regarding your desktop. Were you able to supply those details?

  3. Daniel Glen Phagan

    After dozens of trys over the last several months…I still can not get PCmatic to load to my desk top. Had no problems putting it on my laptop.I have tried technical support several times and nothing has worked so far.

  4. Not Impressed. I have Windows 7 Pro and Chrome browser.
    Here’s what happened with PCMatic and Supershield installed:
    They could not run scheduled scans or email me the results. This could not be fixed.
    I could no longer download videos.
    I could not make CDs or DVDs.
    My word processor became inoperable and unfixable and 11 years of data was unreadable.
    Things that required one click now needed 2 or 3 to register.
    Browsing was slow. Some pages would never finish loading.
    Ads popped up all over, more than ever.
    Hundreds of cookies couldn’t be removed.
    I would see messages for every page that loaded saying waiting for cache or connection, or cookies, more cookies, hundreds of cookies.
    Every picture in an ad required a wait.
    I was locked out of several programs and was not allowed to run or reload them. It kept telling me I didn’t have sufficient permission.
    It cut my computer usage in half. I was afraid to try to run more programs for fear that I would be locked out of them too.
    Just turning the computer off took over an hour at times!
    Log files that should have been a few KB could be over 26 MB!
    My favorite programs used to check computer status and fix problems were required to be removed. My problems did not begin to go away until I reinstalled these other programs and uninstalled PCMatic and everything associated with it. I’m still trying to get things to run the way they used to.

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