6 Reasons You Should Have 2 Monitors

6 Reasons You Should Have 2 Monitors

By Bob Rankin

A larger monitor is not always the best answer for those computer users who find themselves space constrained.–PC Pitstop

Dual Monitors For Increased Productivity

If you’ve ever wished for a bigger computer screen, here’s an even better idea. Use a dual monitor (or multi monitor) setup to extend your desktop across two or more screens. Both Windows and Mac computers have the ability to simulate one BIG screen using a dual or multi monitor configuration. Adding a second monitor will be cheaper than upgrading to a super-size screen, and there are other advantages too.

I’ve used two monitors on my PC for the past several years. My system has dual 24-inch flat-panel monitors and I love it. I set both monitors on my desk, side by side, and a bit of software magic creates the illusion of one giant screen. I can open a website on one screen, and a word processor on the other, then copy and paste from one screen to another. I can even open a spreadsheet and stretch it across the full width of both screens if I want.

Personally, I find that all the extra desktop space makes me more productive and greatly enhances the fun of computing. When I am forced to use a computer that has a single screen, I notice the limitations right away, as the extra scrolling and alt-tabbing becomes tedious. Others have told me that after ten minutes of using a dual monitor setup, they can’t imagine living without it.

Here are SIX good reasons to have dual monitors: Article Continued Here

Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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9 thoughts on “6 Reasons You Should Have 2 Monitors”

  1. I used a second monitor, off my laptop, on it’s side so that the data entry was done with-out having to scroll up and down to fill in different areas.

  2. I have two screens at home: 13.3″ notebook screen offset to the left of my desk, 19″ flat screen monitor raised to eye level in front of me.
    The latter is my main screen and I use an external keyboard an mouse which operate both screens.
    I work in extended desktop mode.

    At the office and other locations I have now adopted the following:

    13.3″ notebook for work-related stuff.

    Galaxy Note 8″ for personal email and non-work stuff, although I can access work files via Dropbox if I am out and about with the Note 8 eg meetings.

    The above arrangement distracts me less so that I can ignore gmail and other distractions.

    Actually, I try to access incoming email at 0900, 1200 and 1500 unless I am expecting something really urgent.

  3. I love it when I need to open one of my ebooks, such as “Win 7 Troubleshooting, Inside Out”, when dealing with any one of the untold number of things that windows can screw-up and does throw at me, out of the blue.

    I have the PDF book on one, and the other to actually do what the book is suggesting, for that particular problem.

    Beats the hell out of having to switch views back and forth, on one monitor only, or splitting the available monitor space between the two windows.

  4. I started using two monitors a number of years ago (at the time, two CRTs no less) and there is no better way to work. I commonly put software palettes (like Photoshop's) on the second monitor leaving the main PS window totally visually unencumbered. I often slide windows (software, folders, media) onto the second monitor while I work on the first and other ways of being more productive. Once you go two you'll never go back. Seriously.

  5. Ilove my 2 monitors set up. However, since I got a new better computer with ASus motherboard and Windows 7 one of my monitors keeps sleeping and refuse to wake up.
    I cannot find a fix for it, or a way to command it to wake up.
    any ideas?

  6. I have two and now I dream of three monitors…lol. Everyone who worked some time on one of my two monitor machines have “cold turkey” like feelings when going back to only one monitor…

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