Blu-Ray Player Can’t Network Properly

Blu-Ray Player Can’t Network Properly

By Terry Stockdale for

Subscriber Bruce Mowery wrote with a network problem, not directly a computer problem, but networking his Blu-Ray player:

Terry good morning. Can you help me with my problem? I’m trying to get my Panasonic Blu-ray player which has Wifi built in and Netflix. I’m trying to view Netflix movies.

I’m having a problem with the internet code number of my Net Gear G router. I’ve contacted Comcast, Netflix and they informed me to contact Net Gear. I did and they made things worse for my computer and I still wasn’t able to get the code after spending $120.

How can I find if I can the network code number.

I wrote back to Bruce to try to help. First, I checked to make sure that I understood what he meant by “the network code number.”

Assuming he mean the IP address (Internet Protocol address) of the Internet-side (WAN) of the network, and assuming that he’s using one of the more recent Netgear routers, I suggested that he use his web browser to log into his Netgear router by using his web browser to go to , which his Netgear router will intercept. It will show the router’s “Netgear genie™” browser interface.

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