Why do I still get viruses even though I run anti-virus?


Why do I still get viruses even though I run anti-virus?

By Leo Notenboom

In this excerpt from Answercast #89, I look at why anti-virus software always lags behind the malware designers and how you can keep yourself safe on the internet.

Can’t prevent viruses?

Well, ultimately, you can!

So… There are a couple of different issues that I want to talk about with this question.

One is that there is no single anti-virus or anti-malware product that will absolutely catch every single virus or Trojan or other form of malware that’s out there. There just isn’t.

I have an article on that: “I run anti-virus software. Why do I sometimes still get infected?”

The virus race

The bottom line is that it’s ultimately a race. It’s a race between the different kinds of anti-malware technologies and the people who write malware. They come up with new techniques; new things to exploit and they push their viruses and malware out quickly, more quickly than software like anti-malware tools can be updated.

Imagine… it takes a little bit of time for something as complicated as an anti-malware tool to actually respond to tricky techniques with the complicated algorithms that they need to use to detect viruses – without detecting false positives.

So it’s a race. Malware is being created every day and anti-malware software is being updated. But it always (almost by definition) lags behind by some amount of time – during which you and I, and everyone else, are vulnerable to these new and increasingly more destructive pieces of malware.

Read the rest of the story here..

This post is excerpted with permission from Leo Notenboom.

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2 thoughts on “Why do I still get viruses even though I run anti-virus?”

  1. The writers of anti-virus software depend on virus writers in order to stay in business. If they get too good they will work themselves out of a job. Why souuld we trust anti-virus software writers when their continued existance depends on the continued success of their opponents.

    1. @Ronald Welch:
      So, do you recommend not using anti-malware programs? Malware writers are smart, and they know it’s a game of ‘catch up’. That certainly doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t defend against them.
      Your comments could address many disciplines. Would you suggest we stop seeking medical aid, because a world without disease would be a world without need of medical professionals?
      Now, if you’d like to discuss the moon landing hoax, please let me know.

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