Cleaning Up the Windows Start Menu


Cleaning Up the Windows Start Menu

By Terry Stockdale for

Have you ever noticed that every program wants to install itself into the Start Menu in its very own line?

The Start Menu quickly balloons as each game adds its own block, each utility adds each own section, each graphics program, each communications program, etc. all with their very own listing under “All Programs”…

If you’ve got a small screen, especially if you use a large resolution like 1024×768 (or even 800×600), you can quickly get a menu that wraps and takes up the whole screen — and more!
However, it’s easy to take control of the Start Menu.

I have a very few entries in my All Programs list — and they’re all folders. That’s right, most of the entries in the Start Menu are just folders that have shortcuts to programs and shortcuts to other folders in them.

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This post is excerpted with the permission of Terry’s Computer Tips.

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