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free backup software

By Bob Rankin

Free Backup Software and Services

If you run a business on your computer, or just use it to store your personal documents, photos and music, a hard drive failure can be devastating. Failure to backup up your data on a regular basis can lead to data loss, heartbreak and costly recovery fees. If you’re not convinced, see my personal story in How I Got Hacked… And Why You MUST Have a Backup!. I’ve heard plenty of excuses for not backing up, but fortunately “backup software is too expensive” no longer applies.

There are several free backup software tools and even free online backup services that you can use to backup and restore your files. There is a free backup utility that comes with Windows XP and Vista. I don’t generally recommend it, because the feature set is pretty basic, and not all features are available in all versions of Windows. However, Windows 7 has a much improved backup feature. See my article Windows 7 Backup and Restore for the pros and cons.

If you have a Mac, Time Machine is an excellent automatic backup tool that’s built into Mac OS X Leopard and higher. Backups are automatic, and if you lose a file, or need to see how it looked in the past, you can recover it with a few clicks.

The free backup software that comes with Mac and Windows 7 computers will do the job, but other 3rd-party backup products offer more features and flexibility. So let’s look at a handful of free downloadable backup solutions.

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3 thoughts on “Bob Rankin: Free Backup Software”

  1. I installed the Easeus Todo backup and creating the system backup on my external hard drive was simple–much easier for a non-techie like me to figure out than the Macrium Free I have been using. However, when I tried to boot from the Linux recovery CD to be sure it worked, the screen with 3 options appeared, exactly as in the tutorial and the correct “boot using Easeus” option was highlighted, BUT the instruction at the bottom of the screen to choose boot method by pressing the “enter” key as shown in the company’s tutorial was not there and no matter how many times I pressed the “enter” key, the system would not boot. Trying to change the highlighted boot method using the arrow keys also did not work. The screen was frozen. I finally gave up and turned off the computer by cutting the power since there was no way to do anything from the CD. Anyone have an idea of what went wrong before I uninstall this program and go back to Macrium? Easeus doesn’t provide any support for the free version or allow free version users to post in their forum so I can’t get any help from the company.

  2. I tried the free Easeus Todo backup software. Uninstalled it because I couldn’t put it on a removeable disc. Don’t see any advantage to the back-up being on the hd if the computer crashes.

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