Ask Dave Taylor: How can I change my Windows PC computer name?


By Dave Taylor

The Question:

Just inherited a computer from my Dad and it’s very nice, except it has a generic WINPC computer name. I want to change it to something a bit more memorable. How can I easily change the name of my Windows 7 laptop PC?

Dave’s Answer:

Ah, computer names. Always reminds me of the challenge we had in my first job coming up with unique names for our servers in the computer room. We tried pizza toppings, dwarves, famous mythical creatures, all sorts of things, but it’s hard to come up with a name that’ll work for dozens or even hundreds of devices. My workstation had the name “eunuch” as a play on words related to the operating system it ran, Unix, but management didn’t like that and I had to change it. Bah humbug.

Renaming your PC is pretty straightforward once you know where to look in the Microsoft Windows 7 Control Panel area, fortunately, but if you aren’t aware of the System control panel, I have to say you’re missing out on a lot of different ways you can customize things!

So to get started with our great renaming project, click on what we would have earlier called the “Start” menu but now just call the, um, what? Start menu anyway?

Do so, then click on Control Panels, and you’ll see something like this:

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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