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daves computer tips

by Jim Hillier in Daves Computer Tips

These days, whenever discussions turn to cleaning infected computers there are two names which are mentioned regularly and often – Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware. No doubting both these free scanner/removers are excellent choices but there is another contender here which seems to be, to a certain extent anyway, the ‘forgotten’ alternative.

There was a time when any discussion involving identification and removal of malware almost always included a product then known as “A-Squared Anti-Malware”. Since adopting the new title of “Emsisoft Anti-Malware” it seems to have dropped out of the limelight a little, which is a shame because it is very good software.

Weighing in at 97.7MB, the download is rather large but that is because it is actually the full version including all real time protections, and the user does gain extra benefits from the additional megabytes – an option to utilize a 30 day free trial of the full version. During installation the user will be provided with options to either install with the 30 day free trial (including real time protection) or in ‘Freeware Mode’ (without real time protection). Naturally, if the user chooses the free trial, the software will revert to Freeware Mode after the 30 days has expired:

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