Bob Rankin: Should You Install Firefox 5?


By Bob Rankin

What’s New in Firefox Version 5?

If you want to download Firefox 5 right now, visit the Firefox 5 website, or click on “About Firefox” under the “Help” tab in your Firefox browser.

Firefox 4 users had complained about a decline in performance, and Firefox 5 addresses these issues with hundreds of behind-the scenes tweaks. Firefox 5 uses less memory, even with multiple tabs open. It starts nearly as fast as Google Chrome, beta testers report. In the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark test, Firefox 5 is much faster than either Chrome or Internet Explorer 9.

Ten bugs in Firefox 4 were fixed, including one in the WebGL 3D rendering standard that Microsoft has called a security hole.

Among the significant new features are improved support for HTML5 and the addition of the CSS Animations standard.

The Android version of Firefox 5 now includes the “Do Not Track” feature, which enables users to tell Web sites not to track their browsing habits. The Android Firefox 5 also sports performance enhancements, particularly on 3G networks, and support for IPv6.

What About Incompatible Add-ons?

On the downside, some add-ons are flagged as incompatible with Firefox 5, including AVG Antivirus, the Google toolbar, the RoboForm password manager, and the popular TinyURL Generator. That’s not unusual with major new versions of Firefox. It takes add-on developers some time to update their code for new versions.

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4 thoughts on “Bob Rankin: Should You Install Firefox 5?”

  1. I’ve been putting off upgrading to 5 until these add-ons are updated too. What’s the use of migrating to newer versions of anything if they don’t work like you want them too? That’s called a lateral move – or a downgrade to some in terms of functionality. This principal goes for any program or tool. So why do developers rush to put these out at less than 100%?!

  2. I upgraded to Firefox 5 and have had endless issues with it. If I search for something in google I get an error message from yahoo search instead!!! Even when sampling a cd on amazon it bombs every now and then and I get the same error message mentioning yahoo search bar error. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled about 5 times now and am on the verge of going back to IE9!!!

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