Month: May 2010

TechBite: A Smart Printer with $4.99 Cartridges


By Steve Bass

I think we’ve got the razor-blade method of marketing printers figured out: Sell the printer for a couple of bucks, then gouge and exploit us on cartridges. I hate it.

Lexmark makes its money the old-fashioned way. It sells printers at higher-than-competitor’s printers, but then sells the ink cartridges at reasonable prices.

PC Pitstop Newsletter – May 2010 #2

    The State of Security
    Detecting Facebook Security Problems
    Security Software Doesnt Fix Human Nature
    Google’s Drive By Snooping
    How to Control Your Facebook Privacy
    Are Computers Simply Too Unsafe?
    Should You Quit Facebook?
    Free iPad Scam
    No one PC security program best at doing it all
    Gadget Survey
    Tip 1 – Cookie control and script defender
    Tip 2 – Scan A Windows PC For Viruses From A Ubuntu Live CD
    Tip 3 – Free AVG Rescue CD

Chris Pirillo: Should You Quit Facebook?


By Chris Pirillo

Are you leaving Facebook? With all of the concern over privacy lately, many people are choosing to close their accounts. Others are educating themselves with the changes Facebook has made and making the best choices for their profile pages. Still more people are clueless… they don’t realize what is being shared and with whom. They have no idea how to fix this problem once they do learn of it. They just keep going along with their heads in the sand, and hope for the best. This isn’t the way things should be, folks. You shouldn’t have to be so afraid of what the wrong person might see. The fact is, if you put something online then someone will see it. I have come up with the perfect two-step plan to help solve this problem.

Technologizer: How to Control Your Facebook Privacy


By Harry McCracken

If you think the whole Web is suddenly looking more like Facebook, you’re not imagining things. At its developer conference last week, the 800-pound gorilla of social networks made a bevy of announcements — and all the biggies involved intermingling your life as a Facebook user with other activities around the Internet.

Dodge Retort: No one PC security program best at doing it all


By John Dodge

PC Pitstop has published the results of a pretty interesting PC security survey and found the two least effective anti-virus programs are the ones many of us use – McAfee and Symantec Norton. I use McAfee and as far as I know, there’s nothing sinister on my PCs.

Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Security Software Doesn’t Fix Human Nature

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

If you’re interested in PC Security, you’ll want to check a look at research recently compiled by the folks at PC Pitstop. Even I was surprised at how much people mistakenly rely on their security software. The research shows that even with some of the most popular and/or highest quality protection computers are still at risk.