Windows 7 – The Good, Bad & Ugly


By Bill Pytlovany

Windows 7: Good, Bad and the Ugly

Have you heard about Windows 7?

This week Microsoft is distributing the “Release Candidate” of Windows version 7. I’m sure you’ll be reading about it all over the place. Blogs like Ed Bott Windows Expertise and Paul Thurotts Supersite provide information on all the new features complete with screen shots and setup advice. Naturally, I like to focus on the unusual and this week I picked out some of my favorite and not-so favorite features.

There is plenty of good new stuff in Windows 7. New desktop backgrounds, screen savers and animation effects really make Windows 7 a graphical experience. I tend to look for the not to obvious new features. Here’s one that really makes sense.


Another feature that looks really nice is the System Health Report. This can be found in the Control Panel on Advanced Tools for System Performance.



This post is excerpted with Bill P’s permission from his blog

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111 thoughts on “Windows 7 – The Good, Bad & Ugly”

  1. I installed Windows 7 RC on a new laptop, it was an easy process and I am totally impressed with the results apart from one MAJOR problem – this time not of Microsoft’s making.

    Apologies in advance if I have got the fine details wrong but, as I understand it, the EC have declared that MS cannot bundle Explorer with Windows 7 within the European community (anti monopoly type stuff). Obviously it can be downloaded at a later date.

    Fair enough you might think except this means that you cannot do an update install – it has to be a clean install. As a result every program on the computer has to be re-installed after installing Windows 7. This was certainly the case for my installation.

    Just think of the millions of people/businesses this affects – time to explain to the EC some of the fundamentals of computing methinks.

  2. Loving Windows 7!! I ended up having to install the 32-bit version, but it runs almost flawlessly now! At first I couldn’t get it to recognize my video card. It wouldn’t do the aero 3d flip thing and a few of the other video enhancements. I read a bunch of forums and fixes that didn’t work so I waited. About 4 days after I installed it, I discovered I had about 50 updates waiting for me. One of them was for my video card and now I can take advantage of all the video enhancements. I said almost flawlessly, the video playback sucks right now. It’s really jumpy and I’ve researched like I did with my video problem. I suspect Microsoft will come up with a fix for that too. It’s just a matter of time. I have a dual boot system with XP Pro so when W7 starts its shut down thing, I’ll go back to XP until the price of W7 gets to an affordable level. But in the meantime, it’s Windows 7 all the way!!

  3. I tried an experiment with Win 7. I installed Win 7 on an old HP laptop that originally came with Win XP SP2. An upgrade to Vista is NOT supported on this laptop. The laptop is an HP zv5010, and you know what? It runs Win 7 RC1 great! It only has 1.25 GB of memory, and an older ATI Radeon 9000 IGP internal video chip. Win7 detected everything but the video and audio devices. (Yep, even the built-in wireless worked!) I struggled to find video and audio drivers, but since Win 7 uses Vista drivers, I found device compatible Vista drivers and used them on my now Win 7 HP laptop. I literally cheered when the audio kicked in! 🙂

    Seems to me that Microsoft is pulling off one miracle after another with Windows 7. Apple has it easy with proprietary hardware and software on a Mac. No wonder a MAC PC costs hundreds more than a faster Intel PC. (Yes, I know it’s possible to run OS X on x86 hardware (with a hacked Mac OS I believe?), but from what I can tell it is a chore only a high-end tech would want to try.) So, Microsoft makes Windows 7 work with thousands of different types of hardware and software, from different manufactures and vendors. Sure there are some issues, but it is only a release candidate. So far, I’m very impressed with Win 7. WAY TO GO, Microsoft!

  4. Just install Windows 7 RC and to be honest I liked Windows 7 better, so far I had hardware issues with the RC client, for some reason it does not recognize the battery on my laptop, on the Windows 7 Beta this was not an issue. I am trying a few fixes to see if I can resolve this problem…I will take any suggestions you guys have.

  5. One further comment:
    Time and circumstances determine one’s success or failure. What if Steve Jobs had been as astute a businessman as Bill Gates when IBM needed an OS??

  6. ….one more comment: If Steve Jobs had been as astute a business man as Bill Gates, Apple would be the major player in personal computers.

    IBM needed an OS, and sharp Bill had it and put IBM over a barrel….so we have what we have, for better or for worse.

  7. I have XP Pro SP3 on one PC and XP Home on another. With the XP Pro machine is a dual-boot to Ubuntu 9.04….all of them
    have been stable and reliable for a long time, so why change from good horses so far down the trail….particularly to a ride that is not yet saddle-broken?

    Vista has never appealed to me primarily due to horror stories told by so many users….so I have “suffered” with the “old-fashioned systems” and saved a lot of money and grief.

  8. I was force fed Vista and have been throwing up ever since. It is slow, patronising and difficult to navigate if you want to do anything other than open and close files and programs. I want the ability to turn features on/off without asking permission (which may or may not be granted of course). It is an operating system dumbed down to its lowest common denominator and does not work efficiently or effectively.

    Installing Apache/PHP took me a week of trial and error even with advice and tips. It took less than half an hour on XP.

    I want an operating system that does just that, not decide for me whether or not I really want to do want I think I want to do or tell me I’ve added too many extras.

    It is my PC and if I mess things up then it is my problem/right.

    Microsoft marketing is nothing short of genius. Windows users have been brainwashed into accepting a product that is at best only partially tested/complete, expecting the user to identify problems/loopholes and paying for the privilege! The ONLY acceptable updates should be for security purposes not because Microsoft got it wrong in the first place.

    Better that Microsoft finish developing XP – a much more versatile and friendly system (for both ordinary user and developer), rather than put the poor PC user through the same angst time after time.

    Spleen vented!

  9. I have been a beta tester for MS7 and it has been great, and i am a XP lover, didn’t like Vista at all. MS7 has been stable clean and much faster than XP. With a new look. Now main problem I have with MS7 is navagation, but once I got Useing MS7 that problem went away. I am still not sure i like the Windows Medea play yet. as far as adding music and video, because it makes add the diffrent medea types seprately. Witch means you add music, then go back and add video, and so on. the older WMP added all medea at the same time. Witch I liked. All and all MS7 has been great I will give it an 9 on a scale from 1 to 10.

  10. I paid for it too, got it the very day it was released officially. But it just hasn’t been the same since SP3. I’ve even heard there was a Fixpak for SP3! But it came too late. I lost all access to a WD ethernet 1TB drive right after installing SP3. I am usually very cautious, but like a fool, I just went with it. The frustrations that caused led me to jump at the opportunity to run the beta. Other than software confusion when it didn’t detect ‘Vista’ or ‘XP’, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have my ethernet drive back onboard. Just in case I didn’t, I bought ANOTHER TB drive, internal. I have a lot of pics and music, thus the space. In fact, one of the drives is already 1/3+ full. The other is a backup. So for me, it was about Microsoft having to patch XP one time too many, after all, it IS older than dirt, from the perspective of operating systems. I loved XP Pro while it worked. I’m gonna love Windows 7 every bit as much. And I’m a guy who LOVED and still swear by OS2 being light years ahead of what MSFT was offering at the time.

  11. i am all for win7. i have it running on my test machine since build7000 and i love it. win7 beta with only a gig or ram beat my vista with 4gigs in the other machine in many ways!

    MS should offer win7 as an update for all of us beat back to get vista with the new machine! or give us 75% off for the 7!

  12. I run XP Home on my Desktop,Vista premium on my laptop.
    I use nothing other Than Windows Live One Care for Performance Security Firewall.I used to use AVG, Spy bot,ZoneAlarm and many more
    Here is my Take Vista Works Great,I use my machine for most things that we are not supposed to be doing,for example Streaming movies downloading etc.
    Since SP1 for Vista I love it. I just do not understand,why others find Vista so horrible. XP is Prehistoric Time to move On

  13. Ugh, This is the exact reason people suffer from Culture Lag, you dumbasses, enjoy your old age, i will just continue to learn and enjoy new experiences.

  14. I guess what you call digitaly challenged.My family has only owned a pc or 2 since 1991 the 1st one i bought for my son in high school at the time.I personaly new nothing about them and probably in reality still don’t.But one thing i have noticed in the last 4 or 5 yrs wheather it was xp or vista (the last 2 Yrs)If you buy a propriotory system like a dell gateway,or hp.and your running xp with alot of periferals or a vista machine you must make sure you have enough power as in psu’s and enough ram .Because most people take cost as a major consideration when buying such a machine don’t realize that the manufacurer puts in the bare minimum to operate their machines.They use the smallest power supplys and the least ram they can to operate their systems which in just a few months is usualy woefully underpowered because the customer wants more video power more cpu power more hard drives dvd burners blue rays tv cards etc,etc.And many times the problem is just a simple lack of ram.And with the price of ram now days its the easiest and cheapest fix i’.ve seen.Mabe i’m all wet but thats all i have to say about that.As far as the new os, i have vista on 3 machines with enough ram and have’nt had ANY problems in 2 yrs.

  15. Gamers (like me) are gonna love windows 7, ive used xp and vista ultimate 64 bit versions, both good in there own way but win7 (64 bit) is sleek crisp and clean, runs fast and smooth and the compatability mode is a very good toutch, since ive had the last release ive not had 1 single problem with this.
    now for all the xp die hards, if you recall xp was dire in the early days, this is not, could microsoft actually get it right (for once) with a new release ? from a gaming nut who must have the latest/bestest overclocked rig who screams out for a decent OS, well I gotta say, Windows 7 is impressing me and everyone i know. (cant beleive ive just bigged up microsoft)

  16. I run an HP dv8000 laptop that’s 4 years old. I know in computer years it’s ancient, but it’s still one of the faster laptops out there 2.19 Ghz processor, 250 GB/HD, but only 1 GB ram. I ran that vista check to see if it was vista ready and it passed, but I never installed vista on it. Based on all the negative reviews, I was afraid to. My laptop currently runs XP Pro Media Center edition, which is crap btw, and I’ve been wanting a new OS for some time. I even considered moving to Apple. Those cost too much and are slower than PCs. In January I downloaded and installed Win7 beta build 6801 (I believe) and it was buggy as hell. I only used it a few times. I have a dual boot setup and I’m so glad I didn’t get rid of my XP. But now seeing this RC out for download, I’m in the process of extracting the files to my thumb drive right now. My DVD drive is dead and putting the files on my thumb drive is just as good as burning a DVD. After reading all of the comments here, I don’t anticipate too many problems with this new installation. The only problem I do anticipate is maybe it will be a little slower since I only have 1 GB of ram. Maybe not. It’s a 64-bit computer and I’m downloading the 64-bit version. My XP pro is for a 32-bit computer and I wonder if that’s been the source of some of my issues with XP. My biggest issue is that it takes FOREVER to start up. Shut down has always been fast. I have my HD partitioned and only XP system files reside on C: so it’s not bogged down with unnecessary stuff. I don’t know, it’s almost finished extracting so maybe I’ll let y’all know how it’s running after I get it installed!

  17. Windows 7 is OK but Windows Live Mail certainly is not. No more stationery, no more scripting, just old fashioned text messages for the simple souls that know no better.
    And can you trust everything that you receive and send in an email to some strange cloud somewhere where you have no control over it? If you were happy with Hotmail then you will be happy with Windows Live Mail, but be assured that more practised users will certainly not be.

  18. Scotty Cerveau

    I dont know what the problem is, Windows 7 is the next new os big deal xp is great yes vista sucked yes but os7 is hella better then xp and vista put together. its modern and has all the needs for computing. apple sux as well i would love to see a apple user try to right click. I installed rc1 on my 1.8 gig lap top with a gig of ram and it flys with os7. get a grip and upgrade

  19. Having waded through all the posts thus far, it seems to me that what stands the most out has nothing to do with the subject matter of this forum, but the appalling use of the English language.
    Does the purchase of the latest technology make the use of English unnecessary?
    Will Windows 7 reduce the use of decent grammar and syntax even further?

  20. Still using W2K for everything and sometimes Win95. Yes Windows 95 OSR 2. Ever heard of? loool.

    Perhaps will soon move to WinXP Pro.
    But definately NOT Vista and probably not Win7 – at least for sometime to come esp during the current recession.

    As others already said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

    I am not a cash cow for $Bill or anybody else for that matter, never was and never will be.

    Bill can try to break and fix as many ‘new’ stuff as he like, but I’m buying it!

    Cash cows look at us with envy!!! loool.

  21. Really folks all the complaints about Vista? I have used vista for over a year with no problems. No driver problems no system crashes! I really think you tweakers get peeved because vista prevents you from screwing up the operating system.

  22. I agree with poster Dave yes many of us did give XP bad marks BUT after SP1 things got better then SP2 made it work better than anything i have ever run so yes a Fanboy was born.
    I really want to upgrade my OS but will wait and watch and IF things (bugs unforseen) get worked out and it runs smooth as XP i will inbrace it with open arms .

  23. I bought this PC with XP, i will keep XP till there are NO more complaints about Vista.
    I have some friends with Vista headache.

    I can’t afford to just go out and buy this, that and the other.
    Had this PC almost 2 years, and so far so good.

    Sure there are some games i can’t play cuz they want me to upgrade…naw, lived with out them games before, and i have plenty of games with big fish!!! lol

    Xp has been good to me so far!!

  24. To reiterate, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Also, not to get political here, if you want change, that’s all you’ll have left, change. Plue some grief.

  25. Just checking version numbers.
    Win 1.0. Win 2.0, Win 3.0, Win 95, Win 98, Win 2K, Win XP, and Vista. By my count, this new version should be Windows 9. What did I miss? Cheers.

  26. what i think most people are missing is xp runs ALL the old GAMES and programs that people share—vista and 7 forces you to buy new hardware and programs–key word FORCES!

  27. I have an HP Pavilion a1540n Media Center tower that was bought “Vista Ready”, but I still have only XP Pro SP3 on it. Will MS OS7 be compatible with this hardware? Are “Vista Ready” PCs better candidates for using Windows 7 than ones that are not?

  28. Have XP Pro on desktop and Vista64 on laptop….happy with the 2 but XP Pro was ans still is a GREAT SYSTEM……….so.stop bitching

  29. I have enjoyed XP for many years now. I have used each, and every Windows 7 release since the first beta, including the RC which I am currently using. Windows 7 is so much better, and Virtual PC allows me to run XP software, and hardware without having to install two operating systems, so I have the best of both worlds. With W7 you can have your cake, and eat it too.

  30. Charles Botkin

    MS: “We fixed everything this time”
    Think I have heard them all now.
    1) “The Check is in the mail.”
    2) “It is only a rash.”
    3)”Your car will be ready tomorrow.”
    4)”Yes I have been tested.”
    5) I wont *****

  31. I love windows 7 it found my drivers only problem that i found a few programs would not quite run but i found ways around that.
    If you ask me is wondows 7 worth buying it is yes….

  32. Windows 7 has so far been a very good experience for me. All the software I need works and it seems faster and generally more useful. This time I think we have seen some progress in the forwards direction.

  33. I make my living repairing pc’s and teaching a lot of not-so-young consumers how to wade through it all. Like everyone else, I’ve been dragged by the heels away from something that really suited my needs to one upgrade after another. I’ve had to replace hardware long before I wanted to part ways with my dollars. I don’t like it at all. But I like less the inconvenience of a system being down the older opsys little support against new vulnerabilities. So I go with the upgrades because being connected is where it’s at. I’ve dug in at XP for myself and am thinking what my next purchase will be. My daughter, though she would never have to pay a pc repair bill, has a mac. LOL.

  34. Who wants my License of Windows 3.1 how about Windows 95? NT? 2000? Why upgrade beyond WIndows 3.1 it works for word processing and spreadsheets and floppy drive are a solid proven technology?

    Hardware and cpu changes are the key reason for windows 7. There were major changes to how Vista’s kernal worked with the hardware. The interface changes and the graphics are just a side bonus.

    If you in the user crowd, and don’t want to learn anything new. and have old machines. Use XP, it was desigend to run well on a pentium.

    Vista and Windows 7 is designed for todays and tomorrows computers with Multiple core processors. and RAM Memory models that look like Hard drives when XP was young.

    Hardware has changed alot!

    Should you upgrade? only if you hardware can handle it. Otherwise wait for a new machine.

    If your in the IT business, Your going to get paid to support what the customer has. What do you want to tell the customer? I waited till a little while ago to learn your os, or be able to say “I was on the beta team when the developed that OS I have been working with it before it went public.”

  35. Forget Windows 4,5,6,7,etc,etc…
    Get a Mac & never look back! Better software, better hardware. NO comparison. Period.

  36. I have been on Vista since it was introduced and its Rock Solid. I also have 7 installed on another HD in the same comp. I am impressed with it. It runs super fast at multi tasking and start up & shutdown are a blessing. I had Plenty of problems with dinosaur XP. Smooth sailing ever since I went to Vista. Don’t Knock what you’r afraid to try. I will be upgrading to 7 For Shure!

  37. XP runs DOS programs, and data can be easliy transferred between those programs and Windows applications. I have several genealogy books that were originally written on WordPerfect 5.1 DOS, that I have published from WP5.1, and that I update regularly on WP5.1 DOS. The books are heavily cross-referenced, and they are fully indexed (by simple and very fast macros I wrote). Trying to import these book files into later versions of WordPerfect for Windows or other Windows word processing programs causes the indexes and many cross-references to go beserk. Re-marking for indexing is not an option, with some 20,000 names and 5,000 locations in the various books. In WP Windows, for example, marking one name or location takes 7 steps, including three with a mouse, compared to a single keystroke in WP5.1 DOS. Another favorite, and very frequently used, DOS program is the 1989 Lotus Magellan for file handling; I’ve seen nothing anywhere near close to it in Windows. I have little choice but to stick to XP unless DOS returns to a Windows OS.

  38. Windows 7 blows away XP and Vista….. I have been running the beta version for a month and it is rock solid and stable….. And, its much faster then Vista…. I am running an OCZ Vertex SSD with all the proper hacks and proper set-up from the OCZ forums….
    Never even a flicker of a problem…. Lightning fast……. 28 seconds start-up and 5 seconds shut down every time….. A 55 minute antivirus scan now takes 3 minutes and 40 seconds……
    I will never go back to older Windows products, and I will always use OCZ Vertex SSD’s……. I don’t even have it in Raid yet……

  39. I tried MS’s Excreta (vista) for nearly three months. Came close to having to call the guys with the butterfly nets. My computer guru installed XP Pro (registered version)and all is sweetness and light.

    He gives 7 a rave review, thus far. So I shall be tempted to try it when I purchase a new machine.

    XP always lets me choose where I wish to save a file, Excreta put it where it wanted to and ignored my wishes. It also added that damned X to doc so that word files became unopenable, and refused to open files in any other format such as wpd. Intolerable to a writer/editor!

    I indeed hope that MS redeems itself with 7, or I shall be staying with XPPro as long as possible.

  40. Rich Starnaman

    LoklGT, even though there are some who just agree that vista sucks because others say so, the big majority of those who complain have actually had enough troubles with it. I am one of them. Many others will find it just fine.

    BTW. Good point on this thread being about windows 7 and not vista hating. However they’re all being compared to MS new OS. It is going to be a quickly done project like vista was just for the money, or a thought out one like XP?

    – Good luck to windows 7 –

  41. I bought my wife a new PC last year with Vista. She is ready to divorce me unless I can get a different solution. After all this reading I think I have to go to Mac.

  42. Michael Shreve

    I have Vista X64 on two quad cores. Both have been very stable. My older XP system is now my media center an runs just fine too. Maybe it helps if you use the correct software and drivers. To all those who bash the Microsoft operating systems I can only say that those who look for trouble always find it. MAC users NEVER look for trouble. I stopped using MACs because I found they were less versatile and needlessly expensive.

  43. Anyone i know who supports XP over Vista does so because they only rely on a pirated copy of an OS which is obviously not the real deal – or – own a Dell with Vista which is bogged down by all gazillian-and-one other Dell programs. Vista works for a large enough majority of people to be justified – and the majority who complain about it, do so because it’s the popular thing to do. Why people are still complaining about Vista, i do not know. Ignorance may be bliss, but not if you’re missing out on the good stuff.
    I run Vista in 64 bit, with 8gb of memory and pump out 3d graphics, animations, CAD projects and plenty of photoshop projects and have not needed to reformat nor worry about virus protection since the first time i installed Vista 18 months ago.

    PLUS! Isn’t this a thread about new features in MS#7, not the “Hey Let’s B!tch About Vista Thread”?… to prove my point about ignorance even further. Lets all disrespect Mr. Pytlovany by dowsing his thread with useless off-topic gripes about an OS that isn’t even reviewed here.

    I for one, apologize and thank you for your time.

  44. This is what we’ve been waiting for, a native 64bit Windows OS that has the features of Vista (but not with them all turned on right away) and improved file handling and I/O to get the performance of XP (well.. it’s close).

    As far as I’m concerned, Windows 7 is the new XP like Vista was the new 2000… it never should have been released.

    But let’s get to *why* I like it. First, my video compression and source compiling is as fast on W7 as XP (Vista took all day). It runs games GREAT. It has fantastic driver support. It’s virtual-environment-friendly, so I can ALT-TAB from Age of Conan into my Puppy Linux when the boss calls.

    Don’t bother if you don’t have 64 bit support. XP will always be the best 32 bit OS.

  45. Until Bill comes up with a totally stripped down, no frills, no bells, no whistles, no do-dads, no thing-a-ma-bobs, non OS-centric, ultra-race-super-fast gaming OS, then I’ll stick with XP Pro, thank you.
    Oh, and stability would be nice.
    And, umm, uhh, not subject to the hack/virus/mal/etc-de’jour would be really nice too…

  46. I’ve been reading all this feedback over my coffee this morning,and I guess I must be lucky, Vista’s worked great for me.(Vista Premium-32 bit and Vista premium 64-bit). Both came installed on my PC’s and I was expecting all these problems I had been hearing about, and waited and waited….. no problems. Then again, XP was good to me too (XP Pro, I believe). I DO remember the problems with XP, that service pack 1 fixed, then service pack 2….. no biggie, was still better than windows 2000. To Answer Vella, I am a vista user that had no problems hooking up my printer on either one of my two desktops using Vista, works great, no install problems. Though I did read and follow the directions. I recall that the first time the printer did not come with an install disk for Vista, so I got it online from the manufacturer. I’m looking forward to seeing what Windows 7 has, I’m not as passionate about one OS over another most people it seems, it takes a couple days to get used to the different menus is all. (the video in 64-bit is pretty amazing, but I sedom use it for that).
    I’m reading alot about how Microsoft doesn’t care about you as a person, lol, like any company does. I have a couple buddies that work in tech support type jobs, and they tell me that alot of people put Vista on systems with minimal hardware(a single processor), so it sucks for them. Well duh. If I put a full race transmission in my street car it would suck too I imagine….

  47. My, My, My,,, bash this and bash that.?? I have journeyed through MS from 3.1 and like any product,good-bad,evolution { change }takes place.Currently running xp pro,64 & 32 bit.
    and yes, had all the rest. except vista. Was able to use that enough at work.It may be a while,but the time will come when you will need to change. As no companies will have their people wright drivers,for old products.
    Money making,??? of course,so is that TV you bought…
    Keep the complaints coming,please include your washer, TV, car,ect,ect, as I’am sure you have a list on them…
    Win-7..?? as least deserveres to be turned on..!!!

  48. Rich Starnaman

    I love XP. I have it running on a pretty fast desktop. I use it for everything I do (From gaming to digital art). When it comes to looks, I go to window skins. Vista looks great, but screws up way to much. My laptop (vista) crashed at least 50 times. Half my software wasn’t compatible, and device issues. I eventually gave up and reformatted when it just stopped cooperating just to find that the backup disk I had made (when I bought it) didn’t work (so I’d have to search manually for my drivers. Thanks to windows 7, I don’t need to install most of my drivers for my laptop. I have yet to explore more of windows 7, But I don’t have any complaints yet. Personally, I think MS should make OS more visually attractive, but at the same time better performance and compatibility for those who love their older software (especially xp).

  49. Have read most of the previous comments and must say, it is all very varied in opinion. My comments are very simplistic. I use my computer, each and every day, as a workhorse. I have a couple of businesses and use Windows XP Pro exclusivly. It’s kind of like having a car. It gets you from point “A” to point “B” without muss or fuss. It might not be the newest, or prettiest car, but it does the job. My second point is that it can do 120 MPH, but where can I drive that fast? My daily tasks are not all that complex that I need the “Flash” to impress a customer by driving a Cadillac or Mercedes Benz, they just want the task done. Efficiently and within a reasonable amount of time.
    I don’t have time to be amazed, and awestruck, by pretty Icons with attached “Glitz and Glitter”. And, I guess cost is also a factor. What I have is bought and paid for, and it still works quite well. Let us leave the “Latest” toys to the “World of Warcraft” people. They, after all, are just wasting time in a non productive world. Letting life just simply pass them by. Wait till they discover the reality of retirement.

  50. Come on people, Windows 7 will be a wonderful operating system. I lvoe Vista, and if they can improve on that, then well they must be extremly smart people. I got Vista about 5 months after it came out, and saw a very big increase in stability with service pack 1. I believe its better than XP by a huge margin.

  51. Someone said Bill Gates deserves to make the billions that he does, but that is far from true. He has lied to get where he is, in fact Microsoft would be nothing without the lies. He broke off with windows 3.X which was an add on in OS2, which is to ddate a far superior OS. I remember the day 95 came out and Katie interview Bill, and she asked him why he was releasing an program with so many bugs and he replied he was getting the program out and would provide the fixes soon, well some fixes came in 98, some in 98SE and some in ME all which we had to pay for. Now IBM did not lie about its OS and because of that it did not take off for personal users. Until XP OS2 warp was used by most every countries government agency, even alot in the US, but the consumer believed the lies and we have paid for it. 95 was claimed to be a true virtual machine but even Vista is not, but if you go back to the OS2 release prior to Win95, it was. You could dedicate blocks of memory and CPU and that was only used by that program, and if it crashed it did not affect anything else. I can remember trying to do anything running a tape backup on Win95 and I could not even play solitary, but on the same PC boot to OS2 and run a tape backup, print doc, have 20+ programs running in the back ground and play F15 strike eagle with out skipping a beat. So because of the lies of Gates, and that fact the world listen, we have really lost out, for if we had recognized the lies and purchased the superior OS, you would be running OS2 and be able to do hundreds of times more. So tell me Bill deserves it.

  52. Hey…………7 is far better then vista, none of this permission crap, and best of all, no delete when I click on the recycle bin. I was forever deleting the darn thing in vista.

    Way to go windows 7

  53. Well for the people with no problems with Vista, you must not use it for very much or are lucky enough to only have to use it for things that actually were made to work on Vista properly. I know that some people dont have issues but like i said, its all in what you wanna do with it. I am a graphic designer and have had issues with Vista, not being able to get certain filters and thing to work with it, i had to jump through hoops, which is BS to me. I prefer to stick with XP until they come out with something that works without having to do a million work arounds that dont always work even after you spend hours trying the work arounds. I really do hope that they will work those issues out with Windows 7, because i wont pay money to a company with billions but who doesnt care about its users and whether it works properly before thewy release something. How many of you Vista users were able to hook up their printers WITHOUT huge problems and have it work? Not many, unless like my father you called tech support and spent a couple hours on the phone working through various workarounds to get it working, well i got better things to do with my time. My time is valuable to me even if it isnt to Bill Gates and MS. So i would suggest people wait until they know for sure its half decent before they switch their OS. Shiny and new isnt always better.

  54. A good dual boot sys. would be a wise choice at this point but don’t throw the XP baby out with the bath water. Give Win 7 a chance. No one likes change. Maybe this release is a fix of Vista. Everyone does something right once in a while. LOL

  55. Vista has been good to me.. Of course, I have 3gig of ram, and a faster dual processor laptop. No BSOD’s, knock wood, and very few lockups. I loved XP sp2, as well, never did put on the 3, but, when I bought this laptop, Vista was onboard, already, and I’ve enjoyed using it. I’m also of the ‘wait and see’ bunch, because M$ does like us users to do the final debugging on their product, and I’ve yet to receive a check from them, in the 20 years I’ve been using Windoze products.
    And, yes, I said, M$… after 20 years,I have that right.. so, nyahhh… LOL..
    I won’t do 7 right away, but, eventually…

  56. I do not buy computers, I build them, its cheaper and more affordable. Plus I do not have to deal with what I do not want on a computer and all that bundle crap. I feel for those who can’t afford a new system and like what they have. Never buy a computer that does not give you the o/s that by all right should be accomponied by it. if you buy a computer and there is no o/s with it donot buy it. if they say its a preload and / or its an backup install disk do not buy it. it must be an original Microsoft O/S. nothing more. save yourself the trouble of dealing with crap you dont need and what you do want. Windows XP PRO is the best you can get. its stable and reliable. I would have to go out of my way to crash this thing and it’s been very rare that has happened. Vista a joke, windows 7 seems to be ok, but i can see a cost out of reach for the common man to afford. So sorry billy, I am keeping my XP PRO. and pick and choose what utilities and programs i want on there. not what dell, or hp or sony wants on there. I need just two things. the computyer I built and my XP PRO

  57. I have been using Win 7 for 2 weeks and love it. Smooth running and I had no problem with older programs that I installed. Win 7 put them right in. I like the new graphics and to me its like XP on steroids.. can have it. I just hated it. I have XP on my desktop and Win 7 on my laptop.. I’ll be switching over to Win 7 on the desktop this week..

  58. I was sorry to see Windows2000 go away! There was very little offered by XP that made my life any easier. I’ll probably go over to Mac soon.

  59. Dennis Kiekens

    I find it hard not to laugh. Some of you people are like a broken record like the old “I am not switching to XP because my 98 works fine for me” speach. I run the 32 and 64 bit versions of vista home premium (fully updated) on two computers and have never had a BSOD. I think what the issue is with most people is that they just got so used to where everything was in all the previous versions that something new and interesting just confuses them. Its like they are so used to vanilla that they are affraid to order any other flavor. I have been using windows since 3.1 and while I do like the newer vesion of windows best I wait until it is on the market for at least a year so that they can get some of the bugs worked out before I buy each new OS.

    Remember while Apple has a good track record they are also not perfect. If they where perfect there would be no need for computer repair people that are specialized in Apple software and hardware.

  60. A new OS not only means new features. Fixes for exploits and security holes from hackers (or Windows Haters) have been improved upon along with features requested by the end user such as myself. Go ahead an use your Linux OS, but when something breaks you better be prepared to fix it. Most viruses are written in Linux so don’t think you can’t get a virus using that OS. An go ahead and purchase your “over priced” MAC which you get half the processing power at double the price. Peripherals are way expensive as well. If Linux OS should ever make it to the top of the OS sales, I’m sure it will face what MS faces now with all it’s haters trying to alway take it down. You know what they say, when your at the top, there is always some one trying to take you down?

  61. I am a Builder,Gemer, and XP lover I will install Vista but will not guarantee it Iv also been involved in the testing of W7 and I must say I like it other than a few bugs it works fine I could say other things about Vista as the people that have not had any probs with vista they prob do not do any thing much more than search the web as a gamer and builder Iv tried about every thing you can with 7 and most things worked at the start of the test other than a few games Infact I hooked up a 10 year old HP printer to 7 and the software was already in the OS worked great all I can say is if you like vista you will love 7 if you love XP you will learn to love 7

  62. When they dump XP and discontinue support, I’m gone – into Apple’s open arms.

    Introducing new operating systems (with marginal upstream support) is a blueprint for failure. A bit like loyal Camaro owners being force fed Volkswagens (imported of couse) from Mexico.

    As an afterthought, many of we Americans miss the Beatle. Mexicans buy them every day. We can’t, because the omnipresent US Government says they are ECO unfriendly – in spite of the fact that 10 Beatles, beause of their(MPG),are just shy of 2 SUV’s

  63. I’ve used most of MS OS and agree that XP Pro is a great system. I also thought W2K was great, still use it on one machine.
    I think the smart thing is to not move to fast, give MS the time to de-bug and tweak the system and for the other software providers to catch up. Can anyone remember the driver problems of the past and also look at the new hardware- especially motherboards and CPUs. Could be a few problems there.
    When you think of total systems, it should be driven by usage and not just the latest technology. I have clients using W2K on fast P-3 machines that are fine for the application. I have friends that work for the regional power co. that have Pentium machines w/W95 running in- house programs that will only work under that system.
    In addition to all this there are other systems that do a respectable job if you will spend the time to learn them. Eventually 7 will find it’s way on to one of our machines, when the time is right.
    It’s all relative!

  64. ghost_of_waverly

    For now I’ll be sticking with XP, but I’ll keep an eye on 7.
    ms tends to hurry and get every couple of OS’s out to passify all the “We want new things” people while they work on the next solid version of windows, and from what I’ve read so far 7 may be just that.
    I might even get adventurous and try it with my file server…..

  65. Vista was change for change sake (and Billy’s pocket). It did nothing to enhance XP Pro from a developer’s point of view and just made everything more difficult to find and operate. Incompatibility with peripherals has been disgraceful.

    I’m running a fully updated XP Pro machine for day-to-day work and (touch wood) never had a BSOD on it. I installed Ubuntu (now release 9.04) on my laptop and on another desktop about 9 months ago. The more I work with Ubuntu the better I like it and as for reliability – brilliant! I shall NOT be moving to Windows 7.

  66. Linux. Period. Extremely Stable (has been since the dinosaurs were laying eggs). GUI is phenomenal. So far superior to microsoft it isn’t even funny.

  67. All you XP fans will be left in the dust when 7 is released. I admit XP is a good and stable OS (after 3 service packs) and for the “novice” or “beginner” (ie stupid) user it should be the OS choice. You probably should wait until you sell your ’73 Buick and get a new Cadillac and see if you can tell the difference before you update to the “Wonderful World of Windows 7”!

    PS… Vista Ultimate Rocks!

  68. I have a local shop build XP SP2 desktop as I dislike being tied to OEM disks and like the freedom to transfer easily to a new build when my system finally dies. I have 3 hard disks: XP, backup, and Ubuntu. Used latter to tidy up my XP disk after a horrendous crash due chiefly to my being too busy for weeks to see to any system maintenance. SO IMPRESSED with Ubuntu’s user friendliness and its interoperability(from Ubuntu’s side, not MS!)that I’m close to making it my default login, and for all online work except Windows software upgrades, reserving XP for specialist software, of which I have quite a lot (some of which won’t work on Vista). One problem I’ve not had time to address is that my dual boot screws up installation of SP3 but sorting this out is about no. 17 on my to-do list. Strongly advise a serious look at Ubuntu. It’s modern, free (as in free lunch), secure, friendly, fast,tightly-programmed, and no longer just for nerds and geeks.
    Vista and Windows 7? What are they?

  69. As someone who doesn’t have wads of cash to throw around on computers, I’m going to bide my time and suffer XP until the general opinion of Windows 7 says it’s as stable as the Rock of Gibraltar!
    At the moment I’m concentrating on getting faster, properly working hardware than a new O/S. With the economic climate being how it is at the moment, I’m being careful. We’re not all rich you know, so careful decisions are more important for the likes of me, than for some people who have more money than sense.

  70. Loaded up 7 using a clean instal on a fresh drive. It loaded with no problems and runs well, however…….. accessing a NAS drive is a nightmare. I had to create a new acccount on the NAS drive without a password (not happy about that) and then map the individual folders on the NAS drive as network drives. 7 does not let me access the NAS drive from the network screen. It shows the drive along with the other computers on the network but will not allow access via any account.

  71. I must have differing versions of XP and Vista. XP? Stable? After a few years and a couple service packs, it was OK. On 8 computers, I’ve have precisely 3 BSODs since Vista launched – none in over a year on any of the 6 I still have. Of course the biggest complaint about Vista – the overbearing UAC warnings – is simple to override after about 40 seconds of Googling. Once you set yourself up as a super administrator, Vista is very much XP’s cousin.

    I’m not a Vista fanboy who hates XP, or anything so silly. Rather, I’ve not personally seen the ‘evidence’ that Vista is really anywhere near as terrible as XP was at the same point in it’s development. Near as I can tell, Vista’s problems are 10% bug and 90% urban legend.

  72. I’m another one who was very reluctant to move from XP. At the usrging of a bunch of my techie mates I did an install of Vista Ultimate 64bit……three times. Once I got used to the newer interface and where everything I was used to was now stashed, I quite liked it. But… took me three installs and required quite a bit of new software till I had my system where I was confident to use it as my main OS. I still have an XP Pro install lurking around, just in case. Overall, I gave Vista the thumbs down.

    Win 7 on the other hand, has some similarities to Vista (having used Vista makes finding your way around Win 7 easier) and some glaring differences. For one, it just works, for another it works fast, and for another it works on lower hardware spec than Vista. I have a couple of friends running it on 4-5 year old laptops. Installation took around 35 mins, I haven’t had it do a dummy spit on anything yet. The longest setup was getting it to find the network printer on my wife’s XP machine…..that took all of 15 minutes……with Vista it took me all day.

    This is what Vista should have been (remember Millenium) Vista failed in the same way as Millenium failed. I’m picking in 7 will be the new XP…..the one people use for years.

  73. Sheesh… did anyone say ‘get win7, replace xp’?? Love XP? Keep it! Try not to brag about it… on articles simply discussing win7. Nobody said you have to have it. Then maybe the rest of us can discuss win7 features.

  74. I’ve been using Win7 (dual boot) since the release of the RC. As a diehard XpPro64 user, I’ll admit I was pretty sceptical. I played around with the beta and didn’t really care for it…just seem to take too much effort (or at least more than I wanted to give) to get all things I wanted working. But this RC/v7100…I like it…a lot. Everything I have installed (pretty much mirroring what I have on my Xp partition) runs like a champ and seems to be a bit more snapier. I do appreciate some of the previous sentiments about Xp and admittedly support some; “why change from what works well and aint broke?” Well folks, all I gotta say at this point is at least give it a try, I think you will like it. For me, is it good enough to run right out and get a copy once they hit the stores? Maybe not…I’m still quite happy with Xp…but I need to emphasize the ‘maybe’.

  75. Well I love XP – downgraded (Ha!) my sony to it when it came pre-installed with Vista, but I’m now trying W7 RC as Sony offer no real support for XP and many of the drivers for my laptop were useless making XP as unstable as Vista. SO far my laptop has only crashed twice in 4 days rather than the usual 4 times a day, looks like I’ll be converted….

  76. Win 7 RC blows Monkeys! The Beta was much better then this is. DirectX still has issues, if you do the diag you’ll notice there isn’t ANY DirectX files AT ALL. Screw MicroCrap!

  77. Excuuuuuuuuuse ME, Mr. Stephen S.! My computer is older than 10 years, and I have XP because I had no choice in the matter: I installed it in 2007. And yes, I bashed it because of the ridiculous expense and WIN98 was all I NEEDED; I will resist 7 for the same reason.

    I am supposed to just go out and buy a new computer with the newest OS installed to keep up with the Gates’? Tell you what, YOU buy for me and while you’re at it, pay my utilities, phone (yup still land line), insurances, my child’s school supplies, property tax, medical bill and mortgage. All are behind in payments. Oh, and while you’re at it, find me a “living wage” job so I can afford a thank-you card for you. Better yet, ANY job would be nice, now that my unemployment has run out.

    It has never occurred to you that there are many who do not keep up with the Gates’, or you, because they themselves are not rich? “Performance and features”, my computer is a necessity, not a toy.

    It always amazes me how some people bash others because their needs are different than their own and they think they have the right to stand in judgment.


  79. I’ve been running Win 7 Beta on my new tower for about 6 months now, and not only is crazy fast, but very stable. I set it up for dual boot with XP sp3 as a back-up, but never use it. I have Vista (SP1) on my laptop, and frankly, it’s never given me any issues either, but 7 is waaaay better. One caveat, you have to do a clean install, so no upgrades. If you are too nervous, and have a large hard drive, you can partition it, and set it up for dual boot like I did. Then you have nothing to lose.

  80. I have had XP and I remember when it came out there was a lot of criticism about it. Now I have Vista-64 bit, W7-64 bit beta, and Ubuntu on the same laptop. Windows 7 is my choice, hands down. Microsoft’s goal is to make as much money as fast as possible. Vista, in my opinion was a mistake. It seems maybe Microsoft has finally listened to the people who buy their product. Windows 7 is the OS that Microsoft has come out with that I am excited about. I have had Vista less than a year, and unless there is some consideration, by Microsoft, I will not pay full price for W-7

  81. Does anyone but me remember these same comments when XP was introduced. Highly unstable junk, will never upgrade because what I have works. etc. etc. etc…..

    Just read Stephen S. comment as I was about to hit the submit button. I guess someone else does remember.

  82. All I have to say to XP fanboiz on here is grow up. Everytime you spell Microsoft “M$” it completely makes me disregard your opinion.

    7 kicks butt. It WILL be the new XP, but as long as you want to live in the past, fine. Just keep your mouths shut about something you know nothing about, and leave the discussion to the adults.

  83. Windows 7 is faster and more stable then vista, and I have had not one compatibility issue. The upgrade went without incident, and it offers users a plethora of new options. I tip my hat to it’s creators.

  84. Windows XP is antiquated. It no longer provides the functionality and capability of modern and future hardware. For those of you who will never leave XP, you will also never use more modern hardware or have the need for a more advanced OS. I have computers that are 10 years old on ME and still use it. I’d never put XP on that machine because it would make that old machine feel slow.

    I also don’t expect the world…. Yes, 7 will need some decent hardware to run, and will not run on all XP computers. Deal with it and don’t complain. If you want support, and modern conveniences, then you will need to upgrade the software and hardware at some point. If your XP machine works, then elave it as it is. If you need more performance and features, then build or buy a modern computer with 7 installed. Then, you can have the best of both worlds, and save a lot of grief in the end.

    It always amazes me, how the same people that lamented and bashed XP when it came out, are now holding on to it for dear life. Some people are just so afraid of change, it hurts. Change for no reason isn’t good, but being open minded doesn’t hurt either.

  85. I gave the initial Windows 7 a run on my desktop – nice but many things wouldn’t function how I wanted them to. Needless to say I was reluctant to download and run this particular version. However I would have to say it’s the best operating system yet to date (MS that is). It runs brilliantly! All the programs and hardware that crashed on the test Windows 7, work flawlessly on the RC version. Just try it, you have nothing to lose but time! I have it on my main desktop, run Vista on my laptop and XP on my netbook – very soon all will running Windows 7 – it’s great, I love it!

  86. I’ve been running the release canidate for about a week now, on my laptop. It is quick, clean, smooth, no trouble at all! Hasn’t crashed, locked up, or any of those annoying problems that you get from Vista! BTW XP was great, but you have to at least try Windows 7, I think you will be in heaven if you really like XP!

  87. Well peoples I did the unthinkable. Purchased a new computer and went from XP to the latest and best operating system yet. Yes I went to an IMac!!! So far no problems, no issues with firewalls and antiviruses not working well together. Billy Gates can take Windows and stuff it. I don’t think I’m going back to Windows 7, 8 or 9. I wish I would of done this years ago. It just works well.

  88. The XP lovers are not to be believed. I moved to Vista as soon as it was available because I disliked XP. I have not only had no problems with Vista, I have worked far more efficiently with it. I intend to get Windows 7 as soon as it is released in final version. I am an old f…, 73 years old, but computer savvy. I detest Apple and everything about that company. Therefore, as a former user of DOS, Windows 3.1 and its progeny, I look forward to Windows 7. I don’t care if Microsoft or Bill Gates make a lot of money. They earned it.

  89. I have to agree with Gene De Lorenzo, this is a make work & profit project for the big boys with the large toys. I’m old school also if it ain’t broke why fix it. Apple knows how to bring new prod. to the market and justify it. Windows seems to be in a race all by itself with itself just to be in the game. Focus & do it properly the 1st time! I’m not on your pay roll Microsoft I contibute to it.
    I’m soooo sick and tired of your instability that I’m ready to jump ship. I’m sticking for as long as possisble with XP but the thought of paying Bill and his for product which like the past looked like Swiss Cheese (full of holes) so it could be attacked and he could sell us more products to protect his baby. Give me a brake …
    please …enough, do it right before you send it to the market.

  90. I have XP on my desktop and Vista on my laptop. Wish I could carrry the box around with me. I hate Vista (and it hates me), so I can only imagine what OS7 is going to be like. I hope MS supports XP forever, but that won’t happen. 🙁

  91. “Another feature that looks really nice is the System Health Report. This can be found in the Control Panel on Advanced Tools for System Performance.”

    You do realize this is available in Vista, don’t you????

  92. Ever notice that people who are suffering through Vista and OS7 get so angry with the 80% of the world happily running XP. Methinks thou does’t protest too much in envy of our stable Computers.
    Even Mr.Gates trying to con Businesses with adding Backwards XPPro compatability to windows 7 will likely fail. Sat in the Dentists chair today, loaded with all the latest Technology, including Laser, guess what operating system this multimillion company was running…..XPPro SP3.

  93. You are all a bunch of babies…

    XP is OLD! I’m sure you only do a couple of things at a time on XP, so Windows 7 will be of no use to you because it enhances multitasking capabilities. I’m sure most of the people on this forum are not very far from going to the dark side: Linux or Mac….

  94. Gene De Lorenzo

    I will have to be dragged kicking and screaming away from my Windows XP, supported or unsupported. The number of people I know personally, who have struggled with Vista, leads me to believe that Windows 7 will be nothing more than Microsoft’s ploy for more money. Everything I run runs well on XP, and I’m not inclined to adopt a new O/S so Bill Gates can recoup some of the billions he’s lost in the current market disaster. Too bad, Billy, suffer with the rest of us. Instead of rolling out another O/S, how about spending the effort to straighten out the ones you’ve already screwed up?

  95. Windows & beta was stable, RC is great faster and better than Vista, more immersive than XP and everything works. Vinyl was good and still works, but is the sound better with new technologies? VHS works..but blu-ray any good? Need I go on?

  96. Bernard Gordon

    Hi, I’m a little confused about my emails if I instal the new upgrade. I currently use outlook express, will this vanish and if it does what happens to all my existing emails.
    Cheers , Bernie

  97. Michael Weinstein

    why would I ever consider (short of ms making me do so) ever move away from XP. It is stable, I works with everything I use and/or added and it have paid for it.

    I do not want to seem unpatriotic and I understand that MS feels the need to introduce new things so the can get new money … but

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