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Starting Monday Feb. 24th 2009, updates are available for those lucky souls using Windows 7 Beta. The updates can be found by going to Start/All Programs/Windows Updates, as they are not being announced or installed via Automatic Updates. It must be done manually.

Reports that the updates don’t change anything and are only a “pseudo-refresh” seemed somewhat inaccurate. ”Starting February 24, we will be releasing up to 5 test updates to PCs running the Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000) via Windows Update. These updates allow us to test and verify our ability to deliver and manage the updating of Windows 7. We typically verify servicing scenarios during a beta”, said Brandon LeBlanc. Instead of the “up to 5” announced updates, I was presented with 35 suggested updates which downloaded and installed in approximately 25 minutes.

Maybe the additional updates came after the initial 5 on the 24th. I didn’t check for these until Feb. 25th. There seemed to be additional steps being taken during the reboot after the updates were installed. Windows threw up a warning to “DO NOT TURN OFF THE COMPUTER” during the configuration stage before rebooting and again after rebooting. I don’t remember this being a part of previous MS updates.

After the initial suggested updates, there were the usual “optional” updates which I also choose to install. I was surprised to see two suggested driver updates, one for my Nvidia 8800GTX video card and another for my secondary Acer monitor. Both of these drivers installed without incident and were confirmed in Device Manager. I had some trepidation during the Video driver installation as I was running 64 bit Windows.

For confirmation I went to my device manager after the installation and choose to “roll back” to the previous driver. This also went without a hitch. The important part of this is that everything proceeded without trauma. Updates installed, drivers Installed, restore points were created, drivers rolled back.

Keep it coming MS, it’s all good.

*I ‘m happy to confirm real updates and driver updates on the Microsoft Update Product Team Blog.

MS Update Team Blog


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17 thoughts on “Windows 7 Beta Updates Available”

  1. Have been runniung windows 7 beta on a Hp Pavillion dv9417cl laptop since it first became available. So far only problems have been with a few drivers, love it and i am running the 64 bit version, wouldnt have anything else on it. Auto update seems to download all updates so far without a single hickup.

  2. installed win7 on an old harddrive 40gig.
    4gig memory and display is 128m processer amd 5600. the only problem is on startup cannot find network,have to start xp first then restart computer it find the network ok

  3. Just started reading the op-ed queries and responses regarding Win 7 and Beta. Have previously had systemic problems trying to install Beta on 32 bit, Presario 6000 series system upgraded to 1024 MB memory. Should I even be bothered trying to utilize 7 and Beta, given the present limitations on capacity?

  4. I’ve been resistant to installing it (It’s already downloaded), but after these reviews, I’ll make a partition on my year old Inspirion 1520 to dual boot between Win XP and Windows 7 shortly.

  5. Very nice update! I have Win 7 Ultimate Beta installed on my WD Black 1TB HD. Definitely faster and more stable than Vista Ultimate even on my AMD x2 6000+ 4GB rig (5.5 EI).

  6. I have a new acer 8760g notebook with a big drive, 4Gigs of memory, etc., and am in the Win7 Beta program. Is it possible to install Win7 in a VMWare virtual drive and still boot Either into Vista normally, or via the VMWare drive into Win7 (admitted memory hog, but OK I’ve got 4gigs)…or is there some way to do a traditional dual boot option at turn on??? I want to avoid the suggested ‘trash you disk + all your data’ scenario at Win7 expiration in the fall – but still want to test it. How to install the virtual Win7 and not trash my factory installed Vista and all the media files (which apparently are at risk in a fresh Win7 install!) Many thanks!

  7. Well, my copy of Win 7 Beta Build 7000 went through an automatic update. I was surprised when going through a shutdown I was advised that updates were taking place and the machine would shut down automatically upon completion.

    I had not done any manual update or refresh.

    Is there any other possible explanation?

  8. Steve Massingham

    I am running the Beta of Windows 7 (32 bit) and again updates went without a glitch, I also updated my graphics card, Nvidia 8600GT, this also worked.

    I don’t know what MS has done but I love this version of windows it knocks the socks off Vista.

  9. What happens is now windows when it has mulitiple updates and you have one of those security updates that could only be done by themselves can now be done altogether, the system just restarts your computer after it is installed and then continue with the other installations.

    Although I think Shogan needs to check how updates is configure on his computer as I am sure most of these updates came through to me automatically.

    all updates now seem to take place without windows running.

  10. I am using Win 7 in a dual-boot configuration with Vista Home Prem I first created a partition on my H/D before downloading Win 7 and I can choose one or the other O/S on Start-Up I’ve experienced no problems at all and have successfully updated all the drivers that were necessary I find Win 7 to be a big improvement on Vista not to mention XPProf

  11. I have been using Win 7 for some time now and have had no problems to press Everything runs smoothly and it accepts programs that I use regularly and yet XP Prof says the program might cause unknown problems if I continue to download them ?? I am looking forward to the release of the Win 7 O/S(or whatever it will be called)

  12. I have been beta testing windows 7 since it’s launch and i can say they seem to have sorted out the problems they had with vista. overall i would say it works well and is easy to configure to my needs.

  13. I installed Windows 7 beta in late January and have been receiving regular updates since then automatically, some 20+ so far. I get nothing new by going to start menu > windows update.

  14. I found Windows 7 automatic updates working on my PC with no hitches. Everything’s working just fine. I am very happy with this version.

  15. I am using XP Pro and when I have an update downloaded and it requires a reboot, I always get the message do not turn off your computer, it will turn off automatically.

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