Month: September 2008

WinPatrol Plus – A Must Have Security Tool


eWeek has called WinPatrol one of the Top 10 Must Have Security Tools. This highly regarded security tool now offers even more power – in the form of WinPatrol Plus.

PC Pitstop – Working in a Virtual World


Hello from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I ran into an old friend on Ipanema beach and he asked me how we do it. In case anyone was wondering, PC Pitstop is a virtual company. Our company is comprised of 15 full time employees, 2 part time employees, and 2 contract employees, all run in a virtual manner from our homes. The answer to my buddy’s question is two basic things. Communication and technology. Or perhaps, better put, technology that enables communication. These are the key technologies that are the glue that keeps us running as a cohesive company.

September 2008 Newsletter #2

  • Obsolescence, Maybe?
  • Virus Wars II
  • Chrome is No Ordinary Browser
  • Seinfeld & Gates in Blockbuster Flop
  • Bits from Bill: SPAM Laws = No Solution
  • Sony Recall Notice
  • Google Chrome Usage at PC
  • Online Backup Survey
  • Tip #1: Vista Control Panel Addon
  • Tip #2: Solutions for .docx files
  • Tip #3: Internet Shortcut Icons


    In the last newsletter, “Virus Wars I” I talked about some of the more recent “custom threats” and how the enemy is becoming more professional in their approach to infecting our systems . Today I want to identify these threats and see what we can do to protect ourselves. Instead of scattering links through-out the article, I’m including them all at the end for convenient reference. Believe me, protecting against these threats isn’t easy. The changes we’re seeing in malware can be organized into three basic categories.



    Obsolescence. It is almost a given in the high paced PC industry. The word always gives a bitter sweet feeling in the gut. On one hand, there is a certain frustration that your current PC is getting out of date. But this is coupled with the excitement of knowing that you will soon be in the market for a new one. I think we’ve all been through it.

    Seinfeld And Gates Star In Blockbuster Flop


    Unlike the Mac vs. PC ads that have such broad appeal, the Seinfeld/Gates commercials deserve mention only for the money spent and their lack of funny. If this campaign is meant to attract the young and hip, Microsoft has missed the mark.

    Sony VAIO TZ Recall Notice

    On September 4, 2008 Sony, in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, announced a voluntary recall of their VAIO TZ-series Notebooks.

    Chrome Is No Ordinary Browser


    In the beginning Bill created the operating system with browser, and he saw that it was good. On the seventh day he rested………. Fast forward past the stone tablets, telegraph and DOS, to the begining of a colossal change in browsing as we know it.

    September 2008 Newsletter

  • *OverDrive 3D Benchmark
  • *Virus Wars I
  • *IE 8 Rains on Firefox Parade
  • *Bits from Bill: Whats Wrong with Toolbars
  • *Bits from Bill: Google Enters Browser War
  • *Malware Survey Results
  • *Women Forget More Than Men
  • *Online Backup Survey
  • *Tip #1: Browser Keyboard Shortcuts
  • *Tip #2: XP Home Security Tab
  • *Tip #3: Tip for Encoding with Nero 8