Month: July 2008

A Faster PC – In Any Language

Optimice, Aperfeiçoe
PC Pitstop Optimize – A Faster PC in any Language

PC Pitstop’s Optimize product is now available in Spanish and Portuguese. The language can be set during the Optimize setup and changed inside the application by going to ‘Review previous runs, or restore settings’. Look for Optimize to become available in other languages in the near future.

Vista Does Not Suck

The debate.

I bought Vista in March 2007, and after 16 months, I am happy to say that Vista does not suck. Yes you read that right. VISTA DOES NOT SUCK. Like many people, my history with Microsoft and operating systems goes back to the early 80’s with DOS 2.0. When I compare the two, there is literally no comparison. Vista is the clear winner.

Firefox 3, A Must Or A Bust?


Mozilla’s download day was a huge record breaking success. What I want to know is, why I never use it? What’s keeping me from feeling the warm and fuzzys that everyone else feels?

July 2008 Newsletter #2

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*A Faster PC in any Language
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July 2008 Newsletter

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*My Buddy, Windows XP
*Remove Hijackers & Trojans
*Windows XP SP3 Cheat Sheet
*Bits from Bill: Domains Will Never Be the Same
*Tech Support Survey Results
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*Tip #1: Folder Thumbnails
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*Tip #3: Sound Effects

Tech Support Survey Results

Our June Tech Support Survey results confirm that the PC Pitstop community is filled with computer users who prefer to solve their own PC related problems and are frequently asked to help others with similar issues.