Year: 2007

Don’t touch that mouse!

Our survey results show that a lot of Pitsters are saving time using keyboard shortcuts.

Sometimes it seems as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Take the kids to school, pick up the dry-cleaning, morning meeting at the office – there is just too much to do. As the times keep moving faster and our lives keep getting busier, we often find ourselves trying to save a little time wherever we can.

PC Safety Survey

The results of our October 2006 PC Safety Survey are in. The overall survey summary results are shown below.

Password Management Survey

The results of our November 2006 Password Survey have been tabulated. Below is analysis that show how responses varied by age and pc expertise followed by the overall summary results.

Digital Music Survey

The results of our July 2006 Digital Music Survey are in. We have completed our detailed analysis showing some of the interaction between responses. Generally, the younger crowd have indicated that they are embracing digital music and its technology.

January 2007 Newsletter

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New Survey: Printers

About RAM: The Poor Man’s Upgrade

Out to boost your PC’s performance? Of all the upgrades you can make to your system, increasing your RAM is one of the easiest, most cost-effective and most noticeable upgrades you can make. And even if your system is already a screamer, more RAM always comes in handy—especially for intensive gaming or graphics and multimedia work–and it’s a solid investment for the future of your PC.