Year: 2007

50 Tips for a Super Fast PC


It’s that time again. Rid yourself of all the old junk piling up on your hard drives and make sure your settings are where they belong.Follow these suggestions to keep the old trusty box in good shape and start the New Year off right.

December 2007

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The Evolution of Malware
Bits from Bill: Free Malware on Wireless Networks
Bot Nets.Now What?
50 Simple Tips for a Faster PC
Research: Monitor Sizes
Holiday Shopping Survey Results
Survey: Printers
Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts
Tip: Online Shopping Tips
Tip: Know Everything About Your PC

Printer Survey Results December 2007

The initial analysis of our December 2007 Printer Survey results.

Novice Users

54.8%…All in One Inkjet
4.3%…All in One Laser

Intermediate Users

47.5%…All in One Inkjet
3.9%…All in One Laser

The typical inkjet printer owner spends about $80 annually in the $30 billion dollar a year ink-jet cartridge market. (Lyra Research)

Evolution of Malware

It was a cold day in South Dakota (circa 1990) as I entered the Gateway building. Unlike most days, the hustle and bustle of a rapidly growing computer company were missing, replaced by an eerie still and quietness. The security guard shook his head, and said, “The software download server got hit with a virus.” All of production was shut down.

Display, Media and Network Drivers


PC Pitstop Research took a look at the display, media (sound card) and network drivers for the PCs that ran our on line tests during the month of October 2007. Based on our observations, these hardware classes include devices that are likely to have the most frequent driver updates. When we compared a PC’s installed driver date to the newest driver date for a given device in our database, we were able to determine the percentage of PCs that were not using the newest driver for their hardware component.

November 19th 2007

New Free Driver Scan
Best Free Software
$1000 Secret Message
Vista, ME & Bologna
10 Online Shopping Mistakes
Research: Aging Drivers
Driver Survey Results
Survey: Peace on Earth & a New PC
Tip: Clear Your Google Tracks!
Tip: Use Gmail for FTP
Tip: Quick Launch Bar

How Does Vista Compare to Automobiles, Bologna & ME


Comparing Vista to ME is like a bologna-eating contest. Neither tastes particularly good and we know where both are going to end up.

Windows ME had no product activation, was completely buggy, and had very little to offer in terms of new features. System Restore, a new interface similar to Windows 2000, and Automatic Update were about it. It was a fair operating system, though, as it took as long to shut down as it did to boot up. Since Microsoft decided to remove non-PnP drivers from the installation CD, it had compatibility issues with software, was tricky to install, and tough to get legacy hardware running. Because of this, Windows ME made the number 4 spot on PC World’s “25 Worst Tech Products of All Times” list, a distinction no one would want.

PC Pitstop Driver Survey Results

The results of our October 2007 Driver Survey are in. Our initial analysis of the survey data is found below.

Over 7,500 respondents participated in this survey. 72% have updated a driver before and 78% have resolved a problem they were having by installing a different driver.

Run our free Driver Scan to check if your computers have the latest drivers.

Secret PC Pitstop code reveals $1,000 prize

Traveling teacher finds hidden message inside Driver Alert code

What kind of a person finds a hidden message worth $1000.00? One that uses PC Pitstop, that’s what kind.

Free Software Rules

I love free software, and it’s not because of the price. In fact the opposite, I am always willing to pay for good well written software. I love free software because in many instances, it is also the BEST software. Let’s take a look.