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PC Matic is helping schools and institutions of all sizes take a cost-effective step towards preventing ransomware demands and devastating privacy breaches. Protect your students' data and privacy with school cybersecurity solutions. Application Allowlisting for school cybersecurity is the best ransomware protection. Learn more!

The Education Sector is Most Likely to Suffer a Ransomware Attack

This is due in part to cybercriminals targeting the vertical, and a lack of funds, lack of staff, or both

Leaving vulnerable holes in the network can lead to cybercriminals with a broad net infecting entire schools with a ransomware attack. Ransom demands can be in excess of ten to twenty thousand dollars depending on the scale of the infection. PC Matic Cybersecurity for Schools blocks ransomware. Speak with a Security Professional.

Ransomware Protection Application Allowlisting for Schools

Without the whitelist feature of PC Matic Pro the tech department would be overwhelmed”

K12 Cybersecurity Solutions

As an experienced Tech with over 20 years in the business, I will say that I have never run across a product that was so complete and reasonably priced”

School Cyber Security Resources

I live a lot calmer than I did before switching to PC Matic Pro”

PC Matic Pro Keeps Your School Safe, Period

Backed by our global Application Allow List, we proactively block more threats than our competition while providing simple centralized cloud-based management

Application Whitelist Technology

Our whitelist has been tested with 99.996% good file accuracy and consistently blocks more unknown malware and ransomware than traditional blacklist and heuristic solutions. Don’t react to threats, prevent them with PC Matic Pro School Cybersecurity.

Simple Cloud Management

With a single cloud-based console, you can secure all of the devices on your network while also leveraging an Integrated VNC, Remote CMD Prompt, File Manager, Remote Shutdown and Reboot, RDP Port Scheduling and more.

Don't Break The Bank

PC Matic Pro offers enterprise-grade security that won’t consume your entire IT budget. We believe everyone should have access to the best security tools no matter what sophistication or budget their IT staff has, and our price reflects that. Learn more about PC Matic Pro for School Ransomware Protection.

Ready to Secure Your School's Devices, Data and Network?

PC Matic Pro provides cybersecurity and device management for public and private educational institutions of all sizes.

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