Customer: Pettus Independent School District

Industry: Education

Location: Pettus, TX

Previous Security: Avast

Number of Devices: 400

As an experienced Tech with over 20 years in the business, I will say that I have never run across a product that was so complete and reasonably priced."

- Steve Sugarek, Technology Coordinator

Who is Pettus Independent School District?

Pettus Independent School District is located in Pettus, Texas and serves over 400 students and staff within the elementary and secondary schools. The mission across the district is to provide an orderly learning environment, opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills, attitudes, values, and personal esteem so that students become life long learners, thinkers and productive members of society.

Traditional Antivirus: High Prices & Poor Options

“Our School District was with Avast for 10 years, and saw it transition from free, to free for Education, then discounted for Education, then all of a sudden it quadrupled in price! I began asking my peers about what they used for antivirus protection in neighboring School Districts, and wasn’t too impressed with either the results, or the prices. That led me to call PC Matic, which I have seen advertised on TV for years. I spoke with Ted and he offered me a free trial period to test and evaluate PC Matic. Needless to say, I was absolutely amazed by this product. It took a total of three days to make a decision to go with it, and we have been quite pleased ever since.”

PC Matic Pro’s Value and Support Speaks for Itself

“Not only was the pricing affordable, but the real plus is all of the features that are included. One of the handiest features is their Remote Desktop, which I have made great use of. Their Tech Support is second to none, as I worked with their onboarding team who were instrumental in helping us get the program pushed out to our network computers. Once we were up and running, the Administration console became a very valuable feature. As an experienced Tech with over 20 years in the business, I will say that I have never run across a product that was so complete and reasonably priced. I would certainly recommend it for any situation, personal or professional. No other product comes close to the value you get with PC Matic.”

PC Matic School Cybersecurity Software Solutions

Protecting School Districts from Ransomware Attacks

School District Cyber Threats including targeted malware and ransomware attacks are growing in frequency and severity. Only Whitelisting Application Solutions can prevent advanced malware attacks launched by cybercriminals and threat actors that specifically target education IT networks.

Hackers are intent on stealing and ransoming sensitive school records including student, teacher, and administrator personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, financial, medical and family data.

Persistent Targeted Ransomware Attacks on School IT Systems. With persistent targeted ransom attacks, school districts may be unaware for quite a while that their IT network has been hacked or breached. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting school districts and boards of education to take operations hostage, steal data and ransom that data for profit.

The best security solution to prevent hacking of school district IT systems for ransom is for the school district IT professionals to use Application Allowlisting Software Solutions as part of a layered approach to school district cybersecurity. Application Allowlisting works together with Application Blacklisting, and endpoint antivirus software to completely secure a district's network, student and teacher devices, IoT devices, laptops, Macs, PCs, endpoints and servers.

Whitelisting Application Solutions with strict application control completely prevents access to hackers, malware, spyware, trojans, zero-day exploits, polymorphous viruses, fileless infections and ransomware. Explore the application allowlisting for schools.

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