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ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Drivers

Product Category Version
ASUS Android Composite ADB Interface AndroidUsbDeviceClass 8.0.0000.3 3/16/2015
ASUS Android Composite PC Link Interface AndroidUsbDeviceClass 8.0.0000.3 3/16/2015
ASUS Link Input Device Bluetooth 10/26/2021
ASUS Component Firmware Update Firmware 6/4/2021
ASUS System Firmware Firmware 10/29/2013
ASUSLaptop UEFI Firmware 6/3/2021
ROG Strix UEFI Firmware 5/25/2021
TP412FAC UEFI Firmware 1/11/2021
VivoBook Flip UEFI Firmware 9/9/2021
VivoBook UEFI Firmware 8/12/2021
ZenBook UEFI Firmware 5/3/2021
ASUS Number Pad Keyboard 7/6/2021
ROG GLADIUS II Origin Keyboard 1/12/2021
ROG STRIX IMPACT Keyboard 8/23/2021
TUF GAMING M3 Keyboard 8/23/2021
TUF GAMING M5 Keyboard 8/23/2021
ASUS Essence STX II Audio Device Media 2/18/2014
ASUS XONAR PHOEBUS Audio Device Media 12/6/2013
ASUSTeK Europa II Hybrid Capture Device Media 5/8/2009
ASUSTeK Mercur Capture Device Media 6.0.6000.16401 5/8/2009
ASUSTeK Tiger Capture Device Media 6.0.6000.16420 12/31/2009
ASUSTeK TV7134 BDA Video Capture Media 6.0.6000.16420 5/8/2009
ROG ThunderBolt Audio Media 12/21/2012
ASUS MM17T Monitor 6/23/2005
ROG CLAYMORE Mouse 4/14/2021
ROG GLADIUS II Origin Mouse 4/14/2021
ROG STRIX FLARE Mouse 1/12/2021
ROG STRIX IMPACT Mouse 8/23/2021
ROG STRIX IMPACT II Mouse 12/4/2020
ROG STRIX SCOPE RX Mouse 8/23/2021
TUF GAMING K1 Mouse 12/4/2020
TUF GAMING K5 Mouse 12/4/2020
TUF GAMING M3 Mouse 8/23/2021
TUF GAMING M5 Mouse 8/23/2021
802.11n Network Adapter Net 11/16/2017
Adaptateur USB réseau sans fil ASUS #2 Net 3/13/2009
ASUS 802.11 g/b Wireless PCI Adapter Net 6/10/2009
ASUS 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Card Net 6/1/2006
ASUS 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Card #4 Net 6/1/2006
ASUS 802.11n – karta pro bezdrátovou síť LAN Net 2/17/2009
ASUS 802.11n Network Adapter Net 2/5/2014
ASUS Android USB Ethernet/RNDIS Net 5/14/2014
ASUS EZ N 802.11b/g/n Wireless USB Adapter Net 1086.51.0328.2013 3/30/2013
ASUS PCE-N10 11n Wireless LAN PCI-E Card Net 2023.1.1201.2014 10/11/2016
ASUS PCE-N15 11n Wireless LAN PCI-E Card Net 2023.1.1201.2014 10/11/2016
ASUS PCE-N53 300Mbps 11n dual band Wireless PCI-E card Net 11/25/2014
ASUS PCI-N10 150Mbps 11n Wireless PCI Card Net 6/28/2011
Asus UPWL-N2112 802.11n Wireless LAN Card Net 3/28/2008
ASUS USB Wireless Network Adapter Net 4/27/2010
ASUS USB Wireless Network Adapter #2 Net 9/30/2011
ASUS USB Wireless Network Adapter #4 Net 5/11/2007
ASUS USB Wireless Network Adapter #9 Net 9/30/2011
ASUS USB-AC51 USB Wireless adapter Net 6/13/2018
ASUS USB-AC53 Nano USB Wieless adapter Net 1030.11.503.2016 10/26/2016
ASUS USB-AC55 USB Wireless adapter Net 4/21/2015
ASUS USB-AC56 802.11ac Wireless USB Adapter Net 1030.11.0503.2016 10/26/2016
ASUS USB-AC68 USB Wireless adapter Net 1030.12.0526.2016 11/11/2016
ASUS USB-N10 150Mbps 11n Wireless USB dongle Net 1027.4.1120.2014 9/29/2016
ASUS USB-N13 300Mbps 11n Wireless USB dongle Net 1027.4.0912.2016 9/29/2016
ASUS USB-N14 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter Net 7/15/2016
ASUS USB-N53 802.11a/b/g/n Network Adapter Net 4/5/2016
ASUS WL-167G V3 Net 1086.51.0328.2013 3/28/2013
ASUSTek Wireless LAN Card Net 6/2/2010
USB Remote NDIS Device Net 5.2.3667.1 1/1/2007
USB-адаптер беспроводных сетей ASUS USB Wireless Net 3/13/2009
ASUS Precision Touchpad (ScreenPad) Toolbar SoftwareComponent 8/7/2018
INTEL1000 SoftwareDevice 10.0.19041.1 6/21/2006
JGINTHECLOUD SoftwareDevice 10.0.17763.1 6/21/2006
RoskNetDrive3_Media_Server SoftwareDevice 6.3.9600.16384 6/21/2006
Router SoftwareDevice 6.3.9600.16384 6/21/2006
RT-AC3200-6350 SoftwareDevice 10.0.18362.1 6/21/2006
RT-AC3200-DA70 SoftwareDevice 6.3.9600.16384 6/21/2006
RT-AC66U-1400 SoftwareDevice 10.0.10586.0 6/21/2006
RT-AC68U SoftwareDevice 10.0.10586.0 6/21/2006
RT-ACRH13-58DC SoftwareDevice 6.3.9600.16384 6/21/2006
RT-N66R SoftwareDevice 10.0.10586.0 6/21/2006
RT-N66U SoftwareDevice 6.3.9600.16384 6/21/2006
TerraMovies SoftwareDevice 10.0.14393.0 6/21/2006
AMDA00 Interface System 3/17/2014
ASUS ACPI Driver System 11/13/2008
ASUS Wireless Radio Control System 7/9/2021
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