Windows Talk: How to Create a Laptop Power Efficiency Report


By Windows Talk

If you are a Laptop user your Laptop battery life and its performance is something you need to be familiar with. Obviously you try to drain every bit of power from your system by tweaking what you can to make it last longer. Like Windows troubleshooter and other helpful tools, Windows also can help you analyze your system’s power performance and guide you to improve it. Microsoft has been providing many new features to their users that can help them to their computer performance in a better way. As compared to XP, Windows 7 is lot more user-friendly and has got features and support that you might have never thought. Generating power efficiency report is one such feature.

PowerCfg command

Windows Seven provides its users a way, a tool to analyze their system’s efficiency, i.e. power consumption. Even if you are using if your laptop in balanced or power saver plan mode, there may be other sources of your battery drainage leading to annoyance of low battery notifications time and again. This tool, the PowerCfg command tool will help in tracing the reasons of power wastage. Let’s try it out.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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