Windows Talk: Are You Lazy with Your Laptop?


By Windows Talk

As I sit here writing this post on my laptop, I am trying to do everything in my power to stop myself falling into the trap of the kind of person I am about to describe. In fact, I am slowly starting to realise that, despite my criticisms, everyone is guilty of being lazy with their laptops in one way or another. Laptops were designed to improve the productivity and efficiency in our everyday lives. From razor thin laptops promising us the personification of cutting edge technology to notebooks packed with clam shelled charisma, enabling us to work whilst enduring those claustrophobic commutes; we owe a lot to our laptops.

Unfortunately though, we’re all human and some of us have that unruly gene causing us to take things for granted. Olympians, scientists, Beyonce… they all have far superior chromosome construction to the rest of us mortals and probably don’t fall fail of the technological slobbery we’re accustom to. So take comfort in the fact that if you’re reading this, you’re probably part of the majority. So sit back, balance that laptop carefully on the corner of your armchair, stuff your face with food and comfort eat your way through a few home truths.

Ask Yourself, Are You Guilty Of The Following:

#1 Your Desktop Is Full Of Files

If your desktop is starting to look like a communal trashcan of Microsoft Office documents, you’re falling at the first hurdle in laptop maintenance. Modern laptops are meant to save time, and having a desktop full of files means you’re wasting hours of your life hunting down what exactly it is you’re looking for. It’s the equivalent of owning an office full of filing cabinets and filing your paperwork under the carpet. Just stop it. Now.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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