Windows Talk: 3 Usenet Facts You Need to Know


By Windows Talk

These days, technology is changing at a rapid pace. It seems like Apple is releasing a new version of the iPhone every 6 weeks or so. And that new computer you just bought will be obsolete by the time you get it home.

Usenet is no different. The technology that started as a way to share “news” has developed in to a modern data moving powerhouse.

Here are 3 facts you need to know about Usenet.

1. Usenet was the original social network.

No, MySpace was not the first social network. Take that Tom.
You might be surprised to hear the first social network was started over 32 years ago by a different Tom.
Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis termed the technology Usenet. It was a computer network where university students could converse about “news”. It functioned much like an internet forum.

Discussions in the “newsgroups” ranged from all sorts of topics. It was where the world first went online to share ideas.
The World Wide Web and Linux were even first introduced to the public on Usenet. It was the place to share news among your peers.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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