Windows 7 Readiness Test


Take the test and get the facts. No reason to wonder if your hardware can handle the demands of Windows 7. One click and you’ll know if Microsoft and PC Pitstop pass or fail your system.

Each component is tested and you receive a pass/fail analysis. Individual suggestions make it easy to see where your system needs help and exactly what it needs.

Windows 7 Versions Information tells you what versions are available and lists their features. Find out if you can do an upgrade or need a clean install. Please note that the test is designed for use with Internet Explorer.

If you are using FireFox, please install the IE Add/on Tab to take the test. All you need do is type “IE Add/on” in your Firefox browser and it will take you to the download page. Once installed you can right click the “Take The Test” link and select “Use IE Tab”. Pretty simple really.

Windows Easy Transfer function makes moving your important pictures, files, and information to your new installation a snap.

Download from Microsoft using the link shown on the results page.

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