Windows 7 Official Release Date


Straight from the Windows 7 TeamBlog, Brandon LeBlanc announces that Windows 7 will officially be in stores by October 22nd, 2009. This confirms what most of us have thought all along.

Included is information describing RTM, Release To Manufacturing, starting in the 2nd half of July and confirmation of a program enabling participating retailers and OEMs to offer upgrade options to their customers. This should reduce any tendency for me and John Q Buyer to wait for the release, before parting with what few dollars we have left these days.

Beginning as soon as June 26th, 2009, Microsoft will offer new Vista buyers a free copy of Windows 7 with their purchase. This promotion will run until January 2010 and in some cases will allow those who downgraded from Vista to XP the same option. Particulars on what versions of Vista correspond to specific versions of Windows 7 still seem somewhat vague, but I’m sure that will come out soon enough.


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