Top 10 Notepad Alternatives


I think that everyone uses the Notepad that comes built into Windows at some point through their day or perhaps their week. The problem is that Microsoft has failed to make one improvement to NotePad in the close to 25 years that I have been using Windows. Fortunately, there are a multitude of free alternatives that can expand Notepad’s feature set.

We decided to rank the most popular by which Notepad alternatives are installed on the most computers. Personally, I use Notepad++. I am not sure what compelled me to choose this particular one although it has a nice tabbed interface and it is great for coding. I was very surprised to see that my selection is the most popular Notepad alternative among our installed base as well. We hope you find this installment useful. Our data sets are a huge asset to us and help us make intelligent decisions about what features and products to develop. It also enables a fascinating view into the world of Windows.

Top 10 Notepad Alternatives

1 Notepad++
2 TextPad
3 Notepad Light
4 Crimson Editor
5 PS Pad
6 Editpad Lite
7 Notepad 2
8 Akel Pad
9 Programmer’s Notepad
10 J Edit

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