Thanks for your Support!

NOW that we have a month under our belt, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect a little and then turn an eye to the future.

First off: thank you, thank you, thank you! The response to the site has been tremendous.
(See what visitors are saying). We appreciate all the positive and constructive comments in the BBS forum. What a pleasure to deal with so many satisfied customers! We hope all of our future customers will be just as happy with us.

Secondly, we’re very pleased to have added two major new features this month: 1) A test for a rambunctious DLL called Aureate which potentially can be downloaded to your system while surfing, and 2)
Disk Health, which lets you quickly know whether it’s time to defragment or run scan disk on your system.

I personally have learned a lot during this month. You’ve said one thing very loud and clear:
Privacy is important, really important. DoubleClick’s stock was pummeled last month as some of their strategies crossed the privacy line. We noticed that close to half of the tests we ran in March were run anonymously. We’re assuming that this is due to your privacy concerns. Honestly, there’s no privacy lost by creating a login. We’re going overboard to protect your privacy. If you haven’t already, please read our privacy statement.

Because here at PC Pitstop we are sensitive to your concerns about this issue, we created the anonymous account option. But, you are missing out. When you create a free account with us, we are able to store your current and future test results run on this and other computers. Over time, this can become a very powerful tool for you. For example, a small business will be able to track all of its computers. View this feature as your PC’s medical file. We are able to keep a running detailed history of your system. But all of this can only happen if we can identify a user as unique. So, go ahead and set up an account; you’ll find we ask for very little information from you.

Lastly, we are totally committed to two things: Continually improving the site, and keeping it free.
We have a lot of great plans to add more technical features, more articles about your PC, and eye-pleasing design changes. Keep on coming back, because soon we’ll have an online anti-virus scanner. Our vision is to be the one stop Pitstop for your PC.

There’s just one catch. We need your help. We are spending our money to make the site better for you; we’re not spending that money to advertise on the Master’s golf tournament this weekend (or anywhere else for that matter). So, we hope that you like our site enough to tell your friends and colleagues. You are our sales force. Go the spread the word to everyone (particularly if your friends are in the press)!

Again, thanks for all your support of PC Pitstop!

Happy computing,

Rob Cheng
Chairman of the Board
PC Pitstop

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