Techlicious: 4 Sites & Software that Develop Your Child’s Math Skills


By Jessica Manger for Techlicious

The days of math drilling and rewriting multiplication facts over and over are over. As a teacher, I look to the Internet for resources to recommend for math practice and tutoring. There are a wealth of sites designed to help children build their basic math skills and develop some new ones along the way, all while giving them an entertaining experience. Dealing with everything from simple addition problems to working with fractions and decimals, these sites are great resources that will make math practice something to look forward to.


An all-around great site that focuses on English, science, and math is Bitesize. Children from 2nd grade up looking for math assistance can choose from such topics as “Numbers,” “Shapes,” “Space,” “Measures,” and “Handling Data”. To further assist in the topics, each of the games comes with step-by-step lessons that can be read online or printed. These lessons have easy-to-understand tricks and tips for improving math skills. After your child reads through the lesson and plays the game, they can take a quiz to test their abilities. These games, which can be played in full-screen, are fun and have pretty impressive graphics. One of my favorite games on this site, “Questionaut,” takes you through fantastical worlds and breathtaking graphics while asking questions about math, English, and science.

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