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Tech Sentry is Now PC Matic Pro

After consulting with our marketing and sales team, it was decided that it would be beneficial to rebrand Tech Sentry, our enterprise security software, as PC Matic Pro…

We are committed to providing our customers with a world-class endpoint security solution and being your trusted partner.  As part of this commitment, we continue to make major investments to further enhance our brand, market presence, and technology to deliver even better service levels and security.

In addition, the company is evolving its brand to better align with its overall strategy of bringing the world a better class of security, so as of July 21, 2016, Tech Sentry brand will become PC Matic Pro.  Our website, product portals, social media accounts, and other communications will become PC Matic Pro.  As we continue through the rebranding process with PC Matic Pro, please know the same great products and service remains.   We will still provide you with the best endpoint security for your business with our proprietary whitelisting technology, patch and driver management, and automated PC maintenance.

We will continue to keep you updated on any new features and further improvements.

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