Social Media Games Are A Password Clues Goldmine

Social Media Is Filled With Answers To Your Password Hints

I know I’ve been seeing them, so I know you’re seeing them too. There are lots of games gracing the timelines of our social media accounts. They range anywhere from descriptions of your cars to an extensive get to know you lists.

These are fun. We enjoy learning about each other, especially when so many people are out of work and looking for a connection. I get that. But they’re also a great way to give all the clues to your account passwords. What’s your mother’s maiden name? What was your first car? What was your first pet’s name? These are some of the questions you’ll find in these games and also in questions meant to guard your accounts.

I was talking with one of my co-workers at PC Matic about how these games are a little dicey when it comes to security. He gave me the graphic below and encouraged me to share it.

OK, Buzzkill…

I know. We’re all a little stir crazy, and I’m being a total buzzkill. But we want you to keep your information (and your bank password) safe online. There are lots of other fun ways to engage with people.

  • Organize a virtual happy hour (love this trend!)
  • Have a silly selfie post (you post yours and ask for the others in the comments.)
  • Play a virtual game of I Spy.
  • Go on a virtual vacation and post photos (a close friend of mine did this, editing herself and her “traveling companion” into both realistic and fantastical places.)
  • Start a story and ask others to contribute one line at a time.
  • Recreate famous art.
  • Organize a watch party on Facebook and watch a video with a group of friends.
  • Trade tips on hobbies (I got a plant. It’s been a week and it hasn’t died so I’m very excited about this.)

There are so many ways to share and engage with each other without putting your personal data at risk. Keep it light and keep your spirits up. As the old saying goes, this too shall pass.

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