PC Matic and Scott Augenbaum host a virtual townhall event discussing prevention and cybersecurity.

PC Matic & Scott Augenbaum Host Virtual Townhall Event

As prevention has been top of mind for several organizations, PC Matic joins Scott Augenbaum, a 29-year veteran of the FBI who specialized in cybercrimes, to discuss application whitelisting and preventing cyber attacks.

PC Matic Townhall

During the one-hour townhall session, four different PC Matic employees discussed the approach PC Matic takes to prevention. By using application whitelisting at its core, it only allows known trusted programs to execute. One statement that was reitterated throughout the session was, although PC Matic is now available as a bolt-on to existing security solutions, PC Matic will continue to be a standalone cybersecurity solution as well. For organizations using PC Matic, their level of protection is hitting the gold standard. However, for those hoping to achieve CMMC certification, and need a whitelisting layer to do such, PC Matic can work seamlessly with their current security stack.

Author and Former FBI Agent, Scott Augenbaum Joins the Mission

In the latter half of the townhall session, Scott shared his cyber crime experience while working for the FBI. Admittedly, he felt defeated. Every organization he talked to believed they were not the target. Yet, when they were infected there was little the FBI could do to help remediate.

The issues are plentiful when it comes to pinpointing cyber crime. First, identifying the true country of origin is difficult in itself, let alone, pinpointing the exact cyber criminal. Additionally, many of these countries have no ties to American government, making filing any form of charges nearly impossible. Finally, the FBI could not retrieve any lost data. This left him wondering what he could do. After analyzing his victims, he found a common ground and got to work.

In addition to his work with the FBI focusing on cyber crime, he also wrote the book The Secret to Cybersecurity. To purchase Scott’s book, The Secret to Cybersecurity, click here.

Beyond organizations of all shapes and sizes being targeted by cyber crime, Scott also warns of children and the elderly falling victim. From the careless clicking of kids, to the scams that target the elderly community, it is important we keep them safe. Scott offers two free chapters of his book, discussing cyber threats facing the young and older generations. They are accessible here.

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