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Stay on alert for email scams like this!

As the holidays approach, scammers are ramping up their efforts to deceive you. Today our team received a few reports of fake PC Matic emails trying to scam customers and non-customers. This email states that your account is set to be renewed and displays a dollar amount that exceeds any of our prices. If you see an email like this for PC Matic it is a phishing email and can be ignored and deleted.

This is an example of the scam email that some customers have reported receiving.

The purpose of the email is to trick the customer into calling a customer service number after which a representative will try and gain access to the computer using a remote access tool like TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a legitimate program but can be used for less than legitimate purposes by scammers.

PC Matic emails will always have the @pcmatic.com domain. If the email comes from any other address, it is not from us.

Remember to apply these same practices to all products and services you utilize. Emails about your Amazon account are going to come from a legitimate amazon.com domain, not something like amazn-services.com. When in doubt, visit the company’s website directly by typing, for example, amazon.com into your browser and contact their customer support team through the official channels.

If you have allowed someone remote access to your computer:

  1. Uninstall any remote access software like TeamViewer or AnyDesk.
  2. Ensure your PC Matic SuperShield is installed and working correctly by looking for the green Super Shield icon in the bottom right corner of your computer screen.
  3. Run a scan of your computer with PC Matic.

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