Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection : Major Opportunity for MSPs

MSPs, what protection are you offering your clients?

Ransomware continues to spread at an epidemic level. With that comes a need for an advanced security solution that includes ransomware protection.  From a Managed Service Provider (MSP) perspective, this is a massive opportunity to provide a higher level of protection to PC users.  MSPs provide various options for endpoint security, and ensuring their solutions include application whitelisting is imperative, according to MSPMentor.

The latest SANS report identified ransomware as the primary threat against the financial sector, pushing phishing scams down to second.  With the knowledge that this threat is growing, and our security protection is lacking, now is the time to find the proper solution.  It is the job of MSPs to provide superior endpoint security to protect client’s data from cyber security criminals.  Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to do so as these ransomware articles demonstrate. Read more about ransomware protection software solutions.

PC Matic MSP believes providing a secure endpoint protection platform is essential. A layered security approach that implements application whitelisting technology and security patch management is the best overall security solution. Also, by having multi-factor authentication measures in place, your data is less likely to be stolen or encrypted.

For cybersecurity solutions, contact a PC Matic Security Professional. PC Matic is one of the top ransomware protection companies in the United States.

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