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Providence Law Firm Pays Cyber Criminals, Files Remained Locked

Providence Law Firm Pays Cyber Criminals Thousands

A prominent law firm, located in Providence, Rhode Island, was hit with ransomware three months ago.  Their systems are back to normal after the attack hit, but not until after they paid the cyber criminal thousands.

The law firm was hit with an unknown ransomware variant months ago.  The firm agreed to pay the $25,000 ransom demand; however, upon doing so, the decryption key did not work.  They decided to reach out to the cyber criminal again.  After renegotiating an unknown amount, they obtained additional instructions to unlock their data.  It is believed these additional measures did unlock the files.

Unfortunately, the law firm is now in a legal battle with their cyber security insurance provider, Sentinel Insurance Company.  The law firm is alleging the insurance company is not providing compensation for the cyber attack.

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