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The Windows 8 Panic Attack
by Rob Cheng

Industry insiders are in a panic over the deficiencies of Windows 8.

FBI Looking Out for Your PC
by Bill Pytlovany

The agency prevented millions of infected PCs from losing internet with no warning.

Unhide Your Recovery Toolsby Windows Guide

Uncover the pre-installed Windows & bundled software, drivers and more

Browse the Web Anonymouslyby Techlicious

Easy steps to protect your browsing history on your PC.

daves computer tips
Do Outbound Firewalls Work?by Dave’s Computer Tips

Is there any REAL benefit to a firewall that provides outbound protection?

Internet Doomsday Avertedby Windows Secrets Newsletter

Despite recent headlines, the DNSChanger virus treat is essentially over.

Backup with GDriveby Dave Taylor

Quick and easy setup with Google’s new online backup option.

Backup with SkyDriveby The Windows Club

Quick and easy setup with Microsoft’s online backup option.

Windows Server 2012by Everything Microsoft

The newest version of Windows server will launch later this year.

bob rankin
Netbook, Ultrabook or a Tablet?by Bob Rankin

Great suggestions for how to choose the best option for you.

windows observer
Emergency Communicationsby Windows Observer

When the unexpected occurs, updating everyone is a challenge.

by Enterprise CIO Forum

Interesting discussions about converging PCs & tablets have cropped up.

Services That Can Kill a PC
by Steve Hogan

How to uncover the rogue services that can kill your PC.

Keys to Faster Downloads
by Tips4Pc

A few minor adjustments to your PC, can boost your download speeds.

Never Fix a PC for Freeby Windows Talk

Five very important reasons why you should never fix a PC for free.

5 Tips to Save on Printingby PCTechBytes

Adjusting your printing habits & using these techniques will save you cash.

Free Kindle on Your PCby Leo Notenboom

The big deep dark secret you don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle books.

7 Reasons to Love Windows 8by Make Tech Easier

7 Windows 8 features that will make you strongly consider upgrading.

Is DVD Copying Legal?by Burnworld

In depth look at the ongoing controversy surrounding the copying of DVDs.

Secret Presentation Aidby PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint’s Presenter View: Your secret presentation tool

Remove Automatic LinesThe WordTips.net

3 ways to remove automatic lines in Microsoft Word

Fix Cap Lock Mistakesby ExcelTips.net

Learn how Excel can catch mistakes caused by Cap Lock being left on.

tip 3
77 Tips for Windows 7Tip submitted by PaulTX

77 speed & security tips for Windows 7.

Another way to move your cursorTip submitted by Corleone007

How to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your mouse cursor.
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