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hot deal
Hot Deal: $9.99 Wireless Router
by The Pit Crew

Check this out – refurb Linksys Wireless N Router for just $9.99 (after rebate).

windows secrets
Windows 8 Expert Review
by Woody Leonhard/Windows Secrets

Hands-on look at Microsoft’s controversial Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Will You Upgrade to Windows 8?
by Chris Pirillo

The biggest question for Microsoft…will consumer accept Windows 8?

Windows 8-Fail or Success?
by Bill Pytlovany

Bill has been playing with Windows 8 and is ready to offer his insight.

Windows 8 Forces You to Unlearn

by The Windows Club

Be prepared to change your way of thinking before you start with Windows 8.

Like Us on Facebook
by The Pit Crew

Visit us on Facebook and ‘Like’ us because there is no option to ‘Love’.

Upgrade Your Graphics Card
by Windows Guide

Find out what your upgrade options are & how to install a new graphics card

bob rankin
Warning, Danger, Botnets
by Bob Rankin

How botnets might affect your PC & how to avoid them.

windows observer
Map SkyDrive to Your PC
by Windows Observer

Quick method to finding the key info for mapping SkyDrive folders to your PC.

Win 7 Default for Web Pages
by Dave Taylor

How to change the default program for opening web pages.

Best Tax Software
by Techlicious

Make doing taxes easier & help you to get back as much money as possible

Death of the PC
by Enterprise CIO Forum

The heated debate about the future of the PC rages on. Another expert weighs in.

4 Tools for Safe Browsing
by Make Tech Easier

4 great tools tell you which links are safe to click & what websites to avoid.

Passwords When You Pass On
by Daves Computer Tips

How will your family gain access to your various online accounts when you die?

5 Online Scams You Must Know
by Windows Talk

5 online scams that everyone should be aware of & how to avoid them.

Is Your Windows Near Death?
by Leo Notenboom

Find out what happens as a version of Windows nears end-of-life.

The Oldest PC You Own

by Chris Pirillo

Do you live behind ‘the hardware curve’? What are the advantages?

Forced into The Cloud
by Burnworld

You’re are probably already using The Cloud, you just don’t realize it.

Cool Transitions Connect Slides
by PowerPoint Tips

Cool dynamic transitions help you connect 2 slides.

Multiple Pages on 1 Sheet
The WordTips.net

A nifty Word feature allows you to print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper.

Filter Unique Values
by ExcelTips.net

How to filter data tables that have duplicate values in a column.

tip 1
25 Google Search Tips
Tip submitted by morbidbutterfly

Very useful advice for getting the most from your Google searches.

tip 3
Backup Your IE
Tip submitted by lizardo_manson

Backup IE favs, history, autocomplete passwords, cookies & more.

Windows 7 Tips
Tip submitted by Jacee

Clear, concise and updated tutorials for Microsoft Windows 7
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