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PC Pitstop: A View from the Top

2018 was a disappointment.  We had record revenue and solid profits, but my expectations are much larger.  Our work is important and PC Pitstop needs to be part of the dialog on cyber security, and as cyber crime runs undeterred in our society.

We have a message and story to tell.  Here’s that story.

Superior Technology  

We have built three important technologies in the escalating cyberwar.  We have the only commercially deployed global whitelist, that strictly allows trusted programs to run that stops ransomware attacks.  We have developed a new technology through big data analysis of scripting attacks, that thwarts attacks through scripting engines such as Powershell and MSHTA.  Thirdly we deployed in 2018 protection from RDP attacks, perhaps the newest evolution in the cyber criminals tool kit. The end result is that our customers don’t get infected.  The beauty of software development is that it allows us to create a body of work, to refine, augment and perfect over an extended period of time.

TV Advertising

We are the only antivirus to market its product through television.  This is a dual-edged sword. On one side, we have developed a large, growing, loyal consumer installed base that enables our approach into the business segment.  We have been advertising on television for 9 consecutive years, and have a known and recognizable brand. We must build on our consumer awareness to grow into the critical segment.  

Made in America

I am proud of the fact that our company is the only antivirus 100% made, developed, supported in the United States.  It is a strategic advantage since it enables us to react quickly to issues, in the same time zone, in the same language, with people that share the same values.  Furthermore, there is a growing contingent of consumers, businesses, and government agencies that want to see an American company succeed in this cyberwar,

Work At Home

We are an agile and innovative company and nothing reflects that more than our American work at home workforce.  Our TV commercials consistently highlight our many job openings and we have developed proprietary technologies to manage the myriad of daily applications.  Our know-how to manage a scalable work-at-home workforce is an asset we will continue to leverage.

Bootstrap Company

This year, the company turns 20 years old and I still own 90% of the shares.  I founded the company in 1999 with a portion of my stock gains from a noteworthy and success career at Gateway Computer.  I believe this is critical since every other antivirus has taken money from Wall Street and/or Silicon Valley. This is important since I can focus my energy on creating and marketing superior security products, and  not on myopic, short term focus on the next three months’ profit and loss of the investment community.

Our 2019 focus will be on business.  The first modern ransomware occurred in September 2013.  The focus of the cybercriminals was on consumer encrypting personal photos and documents.  As their fortunes improved, their attentions are squarely on the data of business, particularly housed on servers  That is our focus, and that is where our messaging will be targeted this year, to complement our message on television.

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