PC Matic Receives 5-Star Rating in the 2023 CRN Partner Program Guide

When it comes to cybersecurity software, finding the right solution can be a very difficult task, which is especially true for MSPs, resellers, and affiliates who need to cater their offerings to a large variety of customers. Beyond the quality of the software, the partnership with the vendor plays a big role in the solutions being offered, and rightfully so.

With that in mind, PC Matic is honored to be awarded with a 5-star rating in the 2023 CRN Partner Program Guide, reaffirming not just the quality of our Application Allowlisting software, but also the relationship we form with each of our partners.

What is the CRN Partner Program Guide?

In a nutshell, the CRN Partner Program Guide is a collection of the best IT vendors for each year. Organizations need a lot of IT vendors that provide services, software, and digital solutions, and it can be tough to know which IT vendors each business should work with given the complexity of modern digital environments.

The CRN Partner Program Guide cuts through all of that and provides business owners with the best solution providers and strategic service operators in the industry. By reading the Partner Program Guide, businesses can determine which organizations and software they should use to reach their business goals and/or help their customers reach their business goals as well.

More specifically, the CRN Partner Program Guide provides a comprehensive look at:

  • What a vendor has to offer to help partners be more successful in their chosen endeavors. This includes margins, financial incentives, training and certifications, and more
  • The reputation of each IT vendor, and why they have received a high rating from the CRN organization overall

In essence, the CRN Partner Program Guide is intended to assist with evaluating which IT vendors a business should align with, not just for the best product, but also for a mutually beneficial partnership. Each year, the guide comes out with a fresh batch of ratings and information. Every new guide is based on detailed applications that are submitted by over 300 vendors and solutions providers.

PC Matic has appeared on the CRN Partner Program Guide previously across several years, and our 5-star rating in 2023 is an indication of the dedication we provide to helping each of our partners.

What Are 5-Star Ratings?

Five-star ratings, also called profiles, are the highest-rated vendor channel programs that CRN was able to find. These are programs that offer comprehensive, high-quality collections of training, services, incentives, and benefits. In other words, they are the best of the best and businesses would do well to pay attention to, and consider partnering with, five-star-rated providers.

Reasons PC Matic Received a 5-Star Rating

The CRN Partner Program Guide takes a lot of things into account when deciding which vendors and security solutions providers receive five-star ratings. There were several reasons why PC Matic received a five-star rating this year and in previous years.

Constantly expanding offerings

Perhaps the best reason to join the PC Matic Partner Program is our commitment to constant improvement. The digital world is constantly evolving, making the need for improved cybersecurity more important than ever, and PC Matic is always looking to push the bar higher. In 2022, PC Matic launched several new features, achieved FedRAMP authorization, and deployed the most robust integrations marketplace in the industry, enabling our partners to register new customers and increase incremental revenue.

Elite sales and technical training

All partners of the PC Matic Partner Program receive nothing but the absolute best when it comes to training resources. Our team is constantly available to help you learn more about the product or improve sales. Furthermore, upon entry into the Partner Program, all partners are provided with an unparalleled complementary onboarding process.

Unrivaled growth

2022 saw PC Matic’s Partner Program achieve record-breaking levels, partnering with thousands of new MSPs across the world and protecting hundreds of thousands of endpoints and servers globally.

What is the PC Matic Partner Program?

The PC Matic Partner Program is an extension of the core PC Matic Application Allowlisting suite that enables MSPs, resellers, and affiliates to manage multiple customers under a single pane of glass. Put simply, the PC Matic Partner Program enables MSPs, resellers, and affiliates to offer elite cybersecurity solutions while greatly improving their own profits and efficiency.

Benefits of the PC Matic Partner Program

Every partner in the PC Matic Partner Program receives the following benefits:

  • Global allowlist of over 22 billion verified software files, processes, and certificates
  • USA based Malware Research team to assist with continuous updates of global allowlist
  • Real-time local allowlist remediation across the entire network
  • Automatic default-deny for unauthorized scripts commands out of the box
  • Digital certificate local allowlisting for access control enforcement
  • No supply chain risk – 100% made and supported in America
  • Multi-tenant and fully white-labelable console
  • Protection for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices
  • Dedicated onboarding support
  • Flexible payments

The PC Matic Partner Program is available for enterprise, SMB, SLED, and federal customers, enabling partners to work with virtually any customer.

Many partners find PC Matic to be a quick road to incremental revenue. With tier-based pricing and dynamic lead sharing, business owners can drive profits to their enterprises without having to sacrifice extra time or money. They can find customers just as quickly as before while keeping their existing ones, all without compromising security at any point. Good security will quickly lead to a good reputation, as well, which may help retain customers over the long term.

Then there’s increased efficiency. With the PC Matic Partner Program, organizations benefit from cloud-based management, plus built-in remote monitoring. In this way, business owners don’t need to worry about remote attacks catching them off guard. Furthermore, they can rest easy without having to react to malware. PC Matic uses prevention-first security principles, focusing on stopping cyber attacks from occurring in the first place instead of scrambling to fix things after they are already broken.

With all of these elements, business owners can focus on keeping customers secure, satisfied, and safe, all while driving increased revenue to their own organizations.

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