PC Matic Provides Advanced Security At An Affordable Price

The Security Revolution

PC Matic always believed that the best security should be accessible to everyone. As an American company, we’ve taken steps along the way to ensure we’re providing the best for our customers. From working with a company to provide veterans protection, to securing governments, PC Matic has a myriad of customers.

Our Home customers, however, benefit from our advancements. PC Matic was ahead of the curve when presenting advanced protection through application whitelisting. Now, application whitelisting is recognized as the future of antivirus (AV). Instead of keeping this for only enterprise customers, PC Matic made this technology available to everyone from the beginning.

With such a different product on the market, the cost could have been much more. Frequently, those leading the charge in any advancement usually charge for that foresight. We hold the belief that protection belongs to everyone. Additionally, we’ve made our advanced product much lower than our competitors.

Take a look below to see how PC Matic stacks up against the other AV companies.

The Price Difference

Now that you see how PC Matic stacks up to our competitors with performance, check out our pricing. Most of our competitors come in under $50/year for the first year. Annual recurring cost, however, jumps way past that for renewal customers. How does that make sense? Why would you pay more to keep a service you’ve already purchased?

If you subscribe yearly, over a 5 year period you’re still paying significantly less than you are for any of our major 3 competitors. That’s because PC Matic doesn’t change price once you’re our customer. We work on the foundation of affordability for all.

Additionally, PC Matic offers an Evergreen pricing option that allows you to purchase once and enjoy a lifetime of antivirus. That’s not the lifetime of the machine either, that’s your lifetime. You can add and delete machines as you change them out.

When you purchase Evergreen, look at the savings below.

I, admittedly, was not as savvy regarding antivirus before coming to PC Matic. I never really purchased it, always turned off by the price. PC Matic takes away that variable with affordable pricing. Don’t leave yourself unprotected.

As always, stay safe out there.

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