LeakerLocker Ransomware Takes Different Approach

LeakerLocker Doesn’t Encrypt…

The new ransomware, LeakerLocker, is taking a different approach to exploiting their victims.  Instead of targeting PCs, LeakerLocker focuses on smart phones.  Within the device, they then create an unauthorized copy of the user’s pictures, videos and browsing history.  They then, threaten to share all of this information with every person in the user’s contact list, unless of course, the payment demand is met.  The ransom demand has been reported as $50 USD.  It is uncertain how many ransom demands have been met.

According to The Daily Mail, the ransomware is spreading through fake apps on the Google Play Store.  Therefore, those at risk are those who are using an Android device.  At this time, no estimates have been made regarding the number of devices infected with LeakerLocker.


One of the biggest pieces of cyber security is simple awareness.  Users need to be aware of what they are downloading on their devices.  It is likely these apps appeared to be legitimate, but it is best to keep the unnecessary apps to a minimum.  Then, if you choose to download a fun app, do research and find out which to download.  Many times, we will search for a certain app, and several with the same name populate.  It is important users understand which are trusted.

Also, it is important all devices have a security solution installed on them.  PC Matic is compatible with Android devices, as well as Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 and 10.

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