Merry Christmas Microsoft and Happy Patch Tuesday

Microsoft elves have been busy creating the final patch for 2010. Santa is coming early with a big bag-o-patches for all the good little system admins and MS users.

Another record breaking 40 exploits are repaired with 17 patches. Two of the 17 updates are classified as “critical”, 14 as “important”, and one is “moderate”. That’s one more than the notably large October patch mentioned two months ago.

You can see the actual Advanced Notification, ANS, here. A look at the years totals reveals a gigantic 266 vulnerabilities and 106 bulletins.

Rather than make a big deal of the numbers I think it’s time to offer a big “Thank You” to Microsoft for providing continued security for 10 years of Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer. I’m sure the exploiters are happy that every Tuesday they receive a list of prospects to review.

Microsoft is certainly receptive to that idea. Read what Mike Reavey of Microsoft Security Response Center had to say, here.

Feel free to leave your Holiday Greeting for Microsoft below. I’ll be happy to pass them along.



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