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The people who frequently change their computers or travel a lot want to have their data with them all the time. It is not always possible to take a laptop or a computer with them. This is where the concept of portable applications comes in. Portable applications are programs that do not depend on any system and do not need to be installed anywhere. They can be installed in a folder and that folder can be copied and taken anywhere without leaving any settings or data behind.

As a network administrator, I have to travel between different office locations and need to use many computers. So I need to have all my data available with me all the time. My strategy is to keep my data in my USB Flash Drive and also on a secure network location syncing everything whenever possible. This enables me to keep my personal email, documents, browsers, password managers along with their settings and data with me regardless of whether I am online or offline. There are some sources from where I like to get my portable apps from. I will share 4 of my most frequently used sources for downloading portable apps.

Note: The following portable applications are meant for the Windows OS.

1. is my most favorite site for searching any kind of portable apps. It has a large collection of portable freeware programs. The programs are well categorized and I can find almost every kind of software that I want to have in my USB Flash drive. The good thing about this site is that it is very frequently updated with new and updated portable apps. The reviews of the apps are to the point and important information is clearly written like where does the program store its settings, system requirements etc.

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